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Thursday, October 24, 2013

BRITE General Meeting

Photo & comment: FilthySF
“Supporting homelessness is a San Francisco value,”
said one of the Mayor’s assistants recently.
Great values bring great results.
This Saturday there will be a public forum to discuss the impact of the Mayor's proposed homeless warehouse near MLK Pool on Bayview's youth population and neighborhood resources. Currently, Bayview has 22 facilities for homeless and low-income folks, 17 food pantries, methadone clinics, needle exchange programs, the highest number of youth under 18 and the greatest number of registered sex offenders.

BRITE member Alka Joshi writes on Nextdoor,

The T train will soon be filled with the homeless population commuting from the Tenderloin to the Bayview. In his effort to develop the Mid-Market area, Mayor Lee is proposing the relocation of homeless from the Tenderloin to a warehouse near MLK Pool, which attracts hundreds of children from San Francisco neighborhoods. If you'd like your voice to be heard before it's a done deal, please attend an important meeting this coming 

Saturday, Oct. 26
10am - noon 
Bayview Library Community Room 

In an area already saturated with 22 facilities for low-income and homeless, 17 food pantries, and the highest number of sex offenders in SF, compassion is not the issue. The safety of our children and quality of their well-being is paramount. For example, how will the homeless get from this warehouse to the tourists with deep pockets? According to the Mayor, the T-Train makes is easier to justify the Southeastern location. 

This is important. We look forward to hearing your voice this coming Saturday. Alternatively, you can send your comments to Jonathan at cl@qgenuity.com or ximenaares@yahoo.com or alka@alkajoshi.com. Thank you.

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