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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last night's forum...

I'll try to get the 'raw' notes from last night's forum cleaned up today, but here are a few take-aways from last night:

Malia Cohen wants to make McLaren Park a world class destination park. She railed on "downtown monied" candidates, as well as on the Chamber of Commerce for ignoring parks.
Teresa Duqué was so far out of her league that people in the audience were actually laughing at her as she gave her answers. She left the forum before the last question had even been asked.
This forum hit on many topics that Kristine Enea has been intimately involved in for the past five years. Many candidates once again came out in support of many of her ideas. I won't go any further, as you all know I'm a supporter of hers, and tonight was an indication to me as to why.
Rodney Hampton, only 18% of voters "look like you", so if that's the only reason to vote for you, then you'll only ever get 18% of the vote on the best day. And no, I don't want someone in office who's just like me. I want someone who understands land use, knows people who can make things happen, etc. You and I are far from being that person.
As with many candidates, Chris Jackson insisted on bringing locals into process and not making parks for future residents, but for those here now.
Nyese Joshua has no ideas, just rants against everything - "If people are homeless, then talking about parks is moot," and "put a fence around the shipyard land and don't let anyone use it for anything."
Tony Kelly mentioned the New York City Parks directors method of building open space first, raising value of property, and then building out developments as a correct way to go.
DeWitt Lacy made a good point about needing someone in office with negotiation skills and legal acumen in contract law in order to make contracts with developers that have teeth.
Geoffrea Morris sounded like the only one who'd actually used Silver Terrace Park, and like me, is in favor of the artificial turf there - "Have you ever played a sport on a field and tripped in a gopher hole?" This time around I see you as a huge asset in our next supervisor's office. With a little downtown polishing and city politics under your belt, you could be supervisor one day.
Every question Steve Moss answers comes down to light bulbs, toilets, and 1000 doors he's knocked on. But yes, as he and others said, our parks need to be for locals, but too many voices or too big of a plan gets things bogged down - must have realistic park goals
Eric Smith echoed others on the need to help get motivated community members over the brick wall that Parks and Rec puts up in getting locals involved.
Lynette Sweet talked about bringing back parks of yesteryear, with park directors who know what locals want. Money is the main issue that needs to be sorted out.


  1. So nobody but the SFBG is asking any questions, pretty shocking.

    So in 2010 Moss has moved, rented out his Dolores penthouse at some point, got in a lawsuit, tried to evict two tenants, taught at SF State, started a political campaign all in the last six months.

    On top of that he runs the Potrero View and Director of SF Community Power and all those light bulbs that he can't account for how many he's given and what jobs they have created.

    Latest news is that he has knocked on 1000 doors, busy guy.

    So he paid himself $90K in consulting fees this year, per his own posting, through his own company's awarded contract to himself, in addition to a salary from SF Community Power. What exactly did the taxpayer get this year?

    I hope whoever gets elected immediately investigates Moss, where OUR money went and demands answers and the money back. Also how does the taxpayer make sure he doesn't screw the State PUC in 2011 again?

    I know all you white folk on the North slope think he's the golden boy but isn't it obvious that he ran his campaign off non profit funds?

    Sad truth is that if he were African American, Latino or Asian the press would be all over him. The racism and corruption is amazing.

    And you wonder what he'll do for parks?

  2. Anonymous said: "...all you white folk on the North slope..."

    Generalizations like that will get you nowhere. To borrow your phrase, the sad truth is that if you were white and running for office, and addressed an AA, Latino or Asian community like that, the press would be all over you too. The reverse-racism in your own post is amazing.

  3. Agreed. Even though some candidates only have racial baiting to work with, let's try to keep that line of discussion out of this, OK? It gets nobody anywhere.

  4. Chris/

    Truth is that there is a large racial element in this race going on.

    I don't agree with comment one. However if a person of color was tainted by the same allegations that have been leveled at Moss the reporting would be completely different.

    He has managed to dodge in a way that no candidate of color could.

    Sad but true.

  5. I am very impressed with Kristine Enea.


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