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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dishcrawl through the Bayview

Alert! Dishcrawl in the Bayview Apr. 24!

Tell your friends – that uber-cool, café-cruising, foodie happening called Dishcrawl (made famous in NYTimes, NBC TV etc) is coming to the Bayview!

What? Never heard of it? Well the anointed restaurants they've chosen are a secret til 2 days before the event, Tues Apr. 24, but that's the whole idea…trying new places that Dishcrawl's 3-year-old program has anointed as great food and great fun for the 30-or-so people who sign up.

Hint: One of the locations will be very near 5800 Third St!

Sign up!


Here's what Tracy and Raj-Ann at Dishcrawl are saying: Just like the Mission District in the 90s, and the East Bay of the past decade, now San Francisco's Bayview seems to be attracting young, talented and visionary chefs. Join us for an adventurous Dishcrawl of exciting new foods and flavors in the Bayview just south of Mission Bay and Dogpatch, with chefs who are balancing their unique backgrounds from Ethiopia, Peru, Mexico and…the Bayview! … with the demanding tastes of San Francisco's palate. The Bayview's food scene is evolving into a well-rounded foodie destination with devotees from across the Bay Area -- just check the Yelp Reviews, SF Chronicle, Eater, InsideScoop, SF Magazine, etc.

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