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Monday, June 4, 2012

Quesada Gardens Initiative beautifies Bayview neighborhoods

From The Western Edition,
A garden along the intersection of Quesada Avenue and Newhall Street boasts an aromatic array of lavender and rose geraniums. Birds of Paradise bloom in the lush garden patch, and succulents grow tall in sunlight that sheds over a mossy ground cover. A mural highlights the community gathering area where events are often held by Quesada Gardens Initiative.

This area has not always been as flourishing and beautiful as it is now, however. Only 10 years ago, this area in San Francisco’s Bayview district served as a dumping ground. The neighborhood was notorious for drug dealing and prostitution. The Quesada Gardens Initiative changed that. “There used to be people on drugs and prostitutes all over this neighborhood, but once people started coming together, they just left,” said Rika Kruse, a gardener at the Bridgeview Community Teaching and Learning garden.
 More at The Western Edition,

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