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Monday, October 25, 2010

Lowe's Opening Events

Our new Lowe's on Bayshore is about to open - you're invited to celebrate at three upcoming events:

Halloween Fun
Pumpkin painting with treats for kids of all ages

Support Habitat for Humanity (local chapter)

Meet HGTV Star Carter Oosterhouse
and Sourdough Sam mascot appearance

Have fun!
h/t Kristine Enea


  1. Related to the opening, last night there was a meeting at 1800 Oakdale to discuss the proposed "Green business retail zone" on Bayshore. The details are on the calendar at the bottom of this page. Some very interesting information was presented and everyone had a chance to weigh in on the idea. Campos and Maxwell were there. There was some discussion on what a "green business retail zone" really is, the traffic effects, and re-zoning implications. If you live in D9 or D10 I encourage you to go to the next meeting. It was a very lively 2+ hours and, as I said, everybody got a chance to be heard.

    Campos was particularly vocal about the day laborers who everyone expect to be loitering on Bayshore. He's ok with them doing that and supports the organizing efforts to have them congregate in "day laborer halls." I found this all very ironic. Everything about the meeting shouted "taxes." The venue is a government building, most of the participants work for the City, and many of the spectators are home owners. The day laborers pay no taxes, export their earnings, and use the City's emergency health care (our most expensive asset) as their primary care facility. I don't get it. If I don't pay my taxes I'll go to jail. By helping day laborers to find jobs it just looks like we're aiding and abetting criminal activity.

  2. To Anonymous - October 26, 2010 9:29 AM
    Well, that assumes day laborers are illegal. Some are, some aren't.

    Helping day laborers find jobs is primarily supporting economic activity... the flow of dollars from one place to another which enriches us all. Illegal activity takes place all the time within the legal structures of our economy. Go and Google Bernie Madoff, if you need to. To focus our attention on the little players - illegal immigrants - when it is the big players who really screw us over, is very short-sighted. Politicians at the national level who failed to do their jobs love both sides of this "wedge issue" because it's a beautiful red herring so many voters can't resist looking at. Both sides.

    Abortion is another. Ever notice these issues never get resolved? No compromises, just keep fanning the flames of anger. That's all it's about... whipping up the base. They need these wedge issues... they don't want to solve the problems. How can you motivate the base if you fix everything they're upset about?

    As soon as you get this, illegal immigrants, terrorism, abortion, and all the others are not issues... they're tools, just like the "threat" of Iraqi WMD's was a tool to start a war. The issue becomes who's wielding the tools, why, and how you choose to react to it.

    Smelling any coffee?

  3. Hi Dale and thanks for the thoughtful reply. I don't need any coffee to know this is a very complex issue. One of the panel mentioned the fact that the day laborers are taking jobs from BVHP residents. I think this was the last straw for Compos and he was very outspoken about it.

    Getting back to the meeting, the over-riding concern was actually traffic. Bayshore's already a heavy 4-lane artery and was thought by many to be incompatible with a "bike friendly, green building, outdoor walking areas" retail zone.

    What I took away from it all was this. The D10 is really "the next frontier" in SF. There's a lot of attention, tons of money pouring in, and no shortage of ideas. It's as if the planets are all in a line. We just need to do it right - and be as inclusive as possible - so people don't think they don't count and get turned off even more by "downtown interests." If we don't stand up, participate, and vote, then we only have ourselves to blame.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    I think you missed my point. The issue is not all that complex, locally or nationally. Complexity and emotion are added to make it seem intractable. But the solutions are relatively simple.


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