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Friday, October 15, 2010

Potrero Hill Festival Saturday

See you tomorrow at the 20th Annual Potrero Hill Festival, 20th St at Wisconsin. Although it'll be a fun time to get out with family, there will also be a number of the candidates there with booths to try to capture your vote. Be prepared to talk politics tomorrow!

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  1. Anyone witness the shouting match that developed the Potrero festival between Mr. Moss and Bruce Brugmann, publisher of the SFBG.

    Apparently Mr. Moss believes that he is being targeted by the SFBG and is a victim. The SFBG gave him center stage on a reply, so not quite sure how he got the notion into his head.

    The odd part is that all the Guardian has reported is in the public domain, nothing dug out of a garbage can.

    We understand that Mr. Moss has failed to produce one document validating all the green jobs he created for $4m.

    The Chronicle mentioned Christine Enea after endorsing Lynette Sweet, but no mention of Mr. Moss, very strange.



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