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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Parenting Queer Youth—and Saving Their Lives - Colorlines

What do you do when your daughter decides to come out to you unexpectedly at 18? For DeAnna Green, a single African-American mother living in the San Francisco neighborhood known as Bayview-Hunter’s Point, this was what happened. At 18, her daughter Rosetta, now 22, introduced what Green describes as her “girlfriend girlfriend” and came out as a lesbian. Green didn’t know what to do or say, remembering moments where she was gripped by confusion and doubt.

She came to actively accept her daughter, even if she didn’t agree with it from her religious teachings. The change, Green said, came in large part through the help of the Family Acceptance Project, a community-based research and policy initiative in California that’s developing the idea that family acceptance of LGBT youth is a proven way to combat challenges like depression and suicide attempts, both of which disproportionately plague queer youth.

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