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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brother walks ABC7 through police shooting scene - ABC7

From ABC7 News:
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco police are defending themselves over a fatal shooting. Officers opened fire Wednesday night after being called to a possible stabbing at a home in the Portola District.

A town hall meeting got underway around 6 p.m. Thursday at the Grace Lutheran Church on Woolsey Street. Police Chief George Gascon planned to address the officer involved shooting which took the life of Vinh Bui, a 47-year-old former postal worker.
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From Captain Suhr's Bayview Newsletter 12/31/2010:
Chief Gascon holds Town Hall to discuss Officer Invloved Shooting

Last night at Grace Lutheran Church Hall on Woolsey Street, Chief Gascon
convened a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the Officer- Involved-Shooting
that occurred the day before on the 600 block of Bacon Street. Chief
Gascon arranged for President of the Board of Supervisors David Chiu,
District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, Police Commissioner Angela Chan,
Command Staff Members, and other Community Leaders to be present for the
discussion. Several members of the media were present as well as many
concerned members of the Community.

Details of the Officer-Involved-Shooting

On Wednesday afternoon (12/29) at approximately 4pm, Bayview Station
Officers (1 Station Inspector/2 uniformed Officers) responded to a call
of a stabbing with the suspect being "mentally challenged" on the 600
block of Bacon Street. Upon arriving at the residence, the officers
entered and found nearly 20 young adults/juveniles sitting/standing in
the living room. They were able to locate a 15 year old girl who had
been stabbed in the back sitting on a couch. As they offered the young
girl medical assistance, they asked the whereabouts of the suspect who
had stabbed her. As they turned to move down a hallway to look for the
suspect, the suspect appeared holding an edged weapon that appeared to
be a scalpel. The officers drew their service weapons and demanded that
the suspect drop the weapon. The suspect did not comply but instead
advanced on the officers. They repeated this command several times as
the suspect continued his advance on the officers backing them down the
hallway into the living room where all the young people were. Out of
room and with the suspect still advancing with edged weapon in hand the
officers, fearing for their lives and the safety of the others in the
room, fired upon the suspect. The suspect fell to the floor. An
ambulance was called immediately and the suspect was transported to the
hospital where he passed away.

The Town Hall

The Town Hall began with a moment of silence out of respect for the
suspect and his family. Members of the Police Department explained how
the investigation into this officer involved shooting will proceed.
Chief Gascon gave his professional opinion that, having heard the
details of the investigation to this point, believes the shooting,
although very tragic, was a lawful shooting. Supervisors Chiu and
Maxwell, as well as Commissioner Chan spoke and told those assembled
that they too mourned the loss of the suspect and felt for the family
pledging to work with the Chief and the Department to get better at
dealing with mentally ill individuals. Questions and answers were
exchanged between Chief Gascon and members of the community.

Chief Gascon ended the Town Hall committing to assist the family through
this difficult time.

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