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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Future of D10CanWatch

With one week left until the election, I have to say that I've enjoyed immensely following the election as closely as I have, meeting all the candidates, and helping keep all of you as informed as I can. I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from the candidates and readers, with many asking if I am planning to continue blogging about our district post-election. I've set up a poll (to the left) to gauge what you all think I ought to do: keep the same site, but just alter the content to be less political and more general information about D10; create a new site with a less political name; or to stop entirely.

Vote in the poll, and if you'd like this to continue, please add suggestions as to the direction you'd like to see this site go in.


  1. I think this site should change it's name to "D10 Watch" and expand it's purpose to include all political and policy issues concerning D10.

    There are so many possibilities! You can monitor the degree to which our supervisor is true to their campaign promises and to the district. You can help voters and community members get a deeper understanding of some of the complex issues facing our district. You can help the different neighborhoods within D10 communicate better with each other, understand the issues in different parts of the district. You can give community leaders a platform (blog columns?) to share their thoughts on the issues of the day. There's just so many possibilities.

    The key is figuring out what the primary purpose will be, and tailoring the website to fulfill that purpose.

    Keep in mind, Talking Points Memo (www.talkingpointsmemo.com) started in much the same way, an unknown blogger named Josh Marshal started to post his comments and research about the 2000 presidential elections, and within a few years, he had a full-blown political news website replete with reporters, researchers, and a seat at WH press conferences. Obviously, this is more parochial, and won't have a national audience, but at a time when newspapers are in shambles, and nobody is doing any real local reporting worth a sack of salt, you have an opportunity here to do something of real service to a large number of people. Seize the moment!

  2. I'd like to second Dale's idea. The web page needs a major overhaul, though. Should look more like this: http://www.rzrd500.com/500phpBB2/

    It should be divided by topics and users need to be able to easily see what has been added. Plus it will need some moderators. Sign me up.

  3. I like the D10 watch idea too! Great name (I voted to keep the name before I read this - whoops!)

    I think it is a GREAT way for us to stay connected to each other and our Supervisor!

    So ppplllleeeeaaaasssee keep it!

    = )

  4. Great idea to keep the D10 Watch going. You might starve for the first two years as an indie, or get bought-out by City Hall. Maybe there are other options.

  5. @RCAL. Fortunately I have a day job.

  6. keep it going. the neighborhood email groups aren't really a good place to 'debate' issues. This can be the place to speak ones mind with out imposing on others...you can 'opt in'..

    I do think that 'anonymous' postings should be limited in some manner. You don't have to give a real name, but at least a 'handle' so that readers can track discussions.


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