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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Relight the Night

Taking care of quality of life issues is important to make sure we live in as safe a city as possible.  I've been a 311 junkie ever since the city instituted the service, and have taken to tweeting to SF311 simply because it's faster in getting these quality of life issues dealt with.  Basically, all they need is a description of the problem and it's exact location.  If they need to follow-up, they'll tweet you back.  Others love to use Blockboard to contact 311, but whatever works for you, I encourage you to use it.

Lately, I've started tweeting SF311 more and more about street lights being burned out.  Whenever I see one out, I'll tweet the following:

- exact location (eg. SW corner San Bruno Ave; mid-block north side Newhall btwn Oakdale and Palou)
- type of pole (metal or wood)
- pole number (if you can find one on it)

Some lights are maintained by the SFPUC, others by PG&E, and still others by the Port Authority.  Thank goodness that SF311 can figure out for us which.

If you see a street light out, especially if it's on your street, please call or tweet SF311.  A burned out street light invites people to do bad things in its shadow, so help make our neighborhoods safer by relighting the night.

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