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Friday, February 17, 2012

Bayview residents, fed up with Mendell Plaza, take action

Following the second Bayview homicide in as many days Wednesday, residents and businesses, fed up with a lack of positive changes in the Mendell Plaza area, collected 75 signatures in a 24-hour period from a diverse group of residents, businesses, and community organizations.  Those signature have been submitted along with a letter to city officials demanding leadership and immediate action in coordination between all interested parties in making the area safe and usable for all.

Google Maps at Mendell Plaza - A typical day, complete with police activity
The letter has requested immediate action be taken at Mendell Plaza - at the Palou St T-Third MUNI stop and site of the Wednesday's homicide of 54 year-old Luther Robinson, chronic drug dealing/taking, drinking in public, harassment and threats - recommending that the plaza be closed down for 60-days. The proposal to close the plaza, signatories to the letter contend, would not only allow a cooling-off period, but would be a wake up call to those who use it for illegal activity that those in the neighborhood who want the space to be used for legitimate purposes will no longer tolerate the status quo.  They have asked that closure of the plaza be combined with a coordinated effort from multiple city agencies, neighbors, businesses, and advocacy groups to meet and start figuring out a way forward.

It's difficult to say what effect this action would have long-term, and it's certainly not just this one single thing that will solve everything, but it's now in the hands of Supervisor Cohen, Mayor Lee, SFPD Bayview Captain Chignell and Chief Suhr to do something.  Knowing that there is a large and growing chorus of diverse constituent groups aching for change, it is hoped that everyone can come together to figure out some ways to start fixing the chronic problems plaguing the Bayview.

If you want to have your voice added to the signatories to the letter, or would like more information, please contact Dan Dodt.

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