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Monday, March 5, 2012

Health Care Services Master Plan Task Force Community Meeting - 3/22

Thursday, March 22, in the Alex L. Pitcher, Jr. Community Room at the Southeast Community Facility, 1800 Oakdale Ave, from 5PM - 7:30PM, there will be a chance to share your views on health care access in San Francisco, particularly as it relates to the Bayview-Hunters Point and Visitacion Valley neighborhoods.

Required by San Francisco Ordinance No. 300-11, the San  Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) and Planning Department must create a Health Care Services Master Plan (HCSMP) for the City. The HCSMP will:
  • Identify the current and future need for  health care services in San Francisco; and 
  • Provide recommendations on how to achieve and maintain fair access to health care services in San Francisco.
To help create the HCSMP, SFDPH has formed a 40-member Task Force that represents a wide variety of health care providers, consumers, and  other stakeholders. (Please go here to learn more about the Task Force.) Since it began in July 2011, this Task Force has met at various neighborhood locations to get community feedback on San Franciscans’ access to health care  services and on what improvements could be made to improve that  access.

The Task Force will next meet on Thursday, March 22, from 5pm to 7:30pm at the Southeast Community Facility (1800 Oakdale Ave.) in the Alex  L. Pitcher, Jr. Community Room.  Please consider attending, as the Task Force will discuss health care in your neighborhood. The Task Force wants to hear directly from residents and neighborhood organizations, so it can  better suggest HCSMP recommendations that reflect the voice and needs of the  community.  Interpretation services will be available in Spanish and  Cantonese.  SFDPH will respond other requests for interpretation as  needed.
For more information about interpretation please contact Darlene Daevu (415.255.3426) at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

Anyone unable to attend on March 22 is welcome to attend future Task Force meetings regardless of their location.  All meetings are listed on the SFDPH website as are all meeting materials.  The Task Force welcomes public comment not only in person at a scheduled meeting, but also via email at hcsmptf.dph@sfdph.org.

Thank you for your time and interest.  The  HCSMP Task Force looks forward to hearing from you. Should you have any  questions in the interim, please contact Lori Cook at  415.554.2894.

What is the Health Care Services Master Plan?

Effective January 2011, San Francisco Ordinance No. 300-10 requires the creation of a Health Care Services Master Plan (HCSMP). Specifically, the San Francisco Departments of Public Health (SFDPH) and Planning must create a HCSMP that identifies the current and projected needs for health care services in San Francisco and makes recommendations on how to achieve and maintain an appropriate distribution of health care services in the city. The HCSMP will be used by the Planning Department to guide land use decisions for health care related construction projects. The HCSMP requires approval by the Health and Planning Commissions as well as the Board of
Supervisors and must be updated every three years.

What information will be in the HCSMP?

The HCSMP must contain a series of five assessments – a Health System Trends Assessment, Capacity Assessment, Land Use Assessment, Gap Assessment, and Historical Role Assessment – that display and analyze information needed to determine the City’s current and future health care needs. The assessments must also consider the potential land use burden related to locating health care facilities in certain San Francisco neighborhoods. In addition, the HCSMP must contain policy recommendations to promote an equitable and efficient distribution of health care services in the San Francisco.

How will SFDPH and the Planning Department complete the HCSMP? 

SFDPH has convened a 41-member HCSMP Task Force to assist with the HCSMP’s development. Co-chaired by Dr. Tomás Aragón and Ms. Roma Guy, the Task Force represents a range of community stakeholders and serves in an advisory capacity to SFDPH and the Planning Department. To prioritize the work of the Task Force, the Task Force will focus on access to health care services, with a specific focus on underserved populations.
SFDPH has retained consulting services from Harder + Company Community Research. Harder + Company will support the Task Force planning effort and conduct the community research and data analysis necessary to complete the HCSMP assessments.

When will the HCSMP be complete?

A HCSMP draft is scheduled for completion by Summer 2012 when it will be available for public comment. The Health and Planning Commissions will hold hearings on the draft HCSMP in Fall 2012, with final consideration by the Board of Supervisors expected in June 2013.

Importance of Community Engagement

To maximize opportunities for community engagement, the HCSMP Task Force will meet 10 times between July 2011 and May 2012. Four Task Force meetings will take place in different San Francisco neighborhoods to provide opportunities for public comment. All Issue Meetings – as well as the first and final meetings – will take place at San Francisco City Hall. The current Task Force meeting schedule is as follows:
Launch Meeting: Thurs., 7/27/11
Neighborhood Meeting (Bernal Heights, Mission, Excelsior): Thurs., 9/22/11
Issue Meeting (Health Care Reform + 1115 Waiver): Thurs., 10/27/11
Neighborhood Meeting (Chinatown, SOMA,
Civic Center): Sat., 12/3/11
Issue Meeting (Health Care Financing): Thurs., 12/22/11
Neighborhood Meeting (Western Addition, Richmond, Sunset): Thurs., 1/26/12
Issue Meeting (Health Care Technology +Innovation): Thurs., 2/23/12
NEXT MEETING: Neighborhood Meeting (Bayview-Hunters Point and Visitacion Valley): Southeast Community Facility (1800 Oakdale Ave.), Alex L. Pitcher, Jr. Community Room. Thurs., 3/22/12, 5-7:30PM
Issue Meeting (Connectivity): Thurs., 4/26/12
Final Meeting: Thurs., 5/24/12

For more information, please visit the HCSMP Task Force website or email hcsmptf.dph@sfdph.org.

h/t R Morine

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