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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bayview Dishcrawl a Success

Last night, about forty intrepid foodies ventured down to 5800 Third St for the first ever Bayview Dishcrawl!  What's a Dishcrawl, you ask?  It's a progressive dinner from one restaurant to another.  The event saw us start out at Smokin' Warehouse BBQ, then a bus (that seemed like it would never arrive) took us to Radio Africa & Kitchen, and then we headed back to Limón.

Smokin' Warehouse Owner Bill Lee talks to Dishcrawlers
I'd never even heard of Smokin' Warehouse (1465 Carroll Ave) before, but there, we were treated to pulled pork sandwiches, corn bread, and their famous steak chili!  I could have eaten that steak chili all night.  Owner Bill Lee, an electrical contractor, licensed locksmith, and ordained minister who also loves to cook, told the crowd how he got started in the restaurant business by giving away food to friends and colleagues.  He affably told us how he has the best corned beef in the city, his prime rib was better than House of Prime Rib's, and some of his dishes were so hot they'd "make your butthole quiver" when you ate them.  He said that no one ever leaves his restaurant's order window hungry, even if they can't pay.  He believes it's better to give food to someone who needs it than to deny it to them or to throw it away at the end of the day.

At Radio Africa & Kitchen (4800 Third St), diners seated at their tables were shocked to see a crowd of forty come in to disrupt their evening, but I think we managed to chow down on the shrimp, edamame hummus, and mushroom dishes without too much fuss.  Restaurant owner Eskender Asaged was his usual personable self, and told diners of the local organic garden he uses to grow many of the vegetables he uses.

Ceviche at Limón
At Limón Rotisserie (5800 Third St), we ended the evening never having to come down off the high-note that it started on.  The dishes at Limón never disappoint, and so the ceviche, empanadas, lomo saltado, beets, and other (sorry, can't remember all we had) were delish as usual, as was their wonderful sangria!

All in all, a wonderful night and a great introduction to the Bayview for the twenty or so people who'd never been.  The rest of the crowd were locals who were excited to see our neighborhood put into such a positive spotlight.  A great many thanks to the organizers for a fun evening so close to home!

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