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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In case you ask Supervisor Cohen...

...about her stance on redistricting, no matter what your reason, what your opinion, where you live, or what logic you use, this will be the canned response you receive back:
Thank you for sharing your feelings on this issue and contacting my office. Redistricting is a tremendously complex undertaking with implications for all San Francisco residents. The decisions made by the Redistricting Task Force will be in effect for ten years; shaping the future of our city.

Let me be clear that I am not advocating for Potrero Hill to be removed from District 10. My recent statement at the Redistricting Task Force Meeting does not represent a betrayal of Potrero Hill or any other neighborhood nor were they made as a result of lobbying from a particular group. I have been following the Redistricting process since the beginning. I have attended outreach meetings, listened to the wide variety of opinions and public testimony on changes to District 10. I have heard from numerous groups including neighbors and merchants who feel strongly about keeping the Portola in District 10.

I strongly believe that the Portola neighborhood should be united. I have seen time and time again how challenging it can be to organize neighbors, merchants and tackle district issues with a divided neighborhood. Additionally, I also believe that this area has strong connections with District 10, both geographically and with the issues that residents are concerned about. I consider the neighborhood a part of our community.

I am a resident of Potrero Hill and am continually impressed with the neighborhood's capacity to organize, engage and advocate.  I am aware that my advocacy for the Portola to remain in District 10 means that the district will need to lose population elsewhere; however, I do not have a fixed opinion on where this population might come from. I believe that all of the neighborhoods in District 10, including Potrero Hill are unique and important parts of this City, but trust that the Task Force will take the appropriate actions to equalize the district’s population.

I hope this helps clarify my comments, and trust I that the Redistricting Task Force will make a decision that they believe is most appropriate for the residents of District 10 and the City.

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