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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

McNab Lake Cleanup

Its that time of year again for our bi-annual clean up of swamp McNab and the Louis Sutter Playground.  I hope I can count on your attendance. There's nothing like jumping in Lake McNab to heal your bones. Its like the fountain of youth! 
RPD will be providing the waders, rakes,  buckets, rags, gloves, play structure cleaner and sand sifters as in years past.  Help McLaren Park will provide the labor and the food....  possibly a bbq, depending on the weather, or pizza lunch, and who knows maybe even some age appropriate refreshments ; ) 
All help is appreciated.  The date was carefully chosen one week after the 4th of July in hopes most folks will be back from their trips out of town. Besides for the pancake breakfast, this event is our second largest of the year and is vital in keeping the Louis Sutter /McNab Lake usable and enjoyable year round.  The more hands we have the lighter the work.  Kid are surely welcome! 
Sponsorship/donations for the lunch portion of the event is available for anyone who cares to help as well.  

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