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Friday, July 26, 2013

Third St Formula Retail Restricted Use District Proposed

Yesterday the San Francisco Planning Commission held a hearing on formula retail.  You can review the materials that were before the commission here:  http://commissions.sfplanning.org/cpcpackets/2013.0936U.pdf

The Commission considered a pending proposed Ordinance introduced by Supervisor Cohen to establish the Third Street Formula Retail Restricted Use District during the July 25, 2013 hearing.  This amendment would first create the Third Street Formula Retail Restricted Use District (RUD) along Third Street from Williams Avenue to Egbert Avenue. Second, the proposed RUD would require that any new formula retail use on Third Street between Williams Avenue and Egbert Avenue seek Conditional Use (CU) authorization to operate. If any existing formula retail use has not already procured a CU permit to operate as a formula retail use, any alteration permits for a new formula retail use would require CU authorization. Any expansion or intensification of an existing Formula Retail use would also require CU authorization.

In response, the Commission passed a resolution authorizing a study of the issue and seeking public comment on the scope of that study.  Attached is the draft scope.  We encourage comment on this scope by August 5, 2013.  To provide comment on the scope of work for this study, please reply to AnMarie.Rodgers@sfgov.org.

Due to the multiple proposals pending to amend the City’s formula retail controls, the City seeks to secure a consultant and complete the study by this fall so that the pending proposals to change formula retail can be informed by data and public comment.  The Department will schedule a hearing on the draft study prior to completion of the study.  After completion of the study, the Department will use the study to make policy recommendations to the Planning Commission. Ultimately and with benefit of public comment, the Commission will make policy recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.  

This effort will be strengthened with your involvement.  Subscribe to the list titled “legislative updates” by enrolling here: http://signup.sfplanning.org/

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