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Thursday, October 31, 2013

SF Produce Market to Break Ground on 901 Rankin Site

On Tuesday, the SF Wholesale Produce Market will break ground on the first phase of their extensive renovation project, which will see the construction of a new building located at 901 Rankin St. on the triangular lot bordered on the east by the railroad tracks, Jerrold to the north and LaSalle to the south.

Phase I includes demolition of the existing structures on the 901 Rankin site and the construction of a new two-storey, 98000 sq-ft warehouse facility, plus associated street and streetscape improvements.

The east side of the building will eventually face the new Quint/Jerrold connector road that will be constructed as part of the Quint St bridge replacement project.  The Produce Market will be working hard to ensure that what is essentially the backside of their property will be aesthetically pleasing and cared for once the connector road opens up.

Once Phase I at 901 Rankin is complete, Phases II-IV will follow.  Phase II includes surrounding street improvements associated with the central market site and traffic, marshaling yard, and infrastructure improvements, with the redirection of all traffic off of Jerrold Ave through the center of the market and onto newly resurfaced and improved Innes and Kirkwood Sts around the perimeter of the market. Along with resurfacing the roadway, improvements will include new sidewalks, bike lanes, enhanced lighting and trees on Innes and Kirkwood.  There will also be new intersections on Toland at Innes and Kirkwood.  At this phase (or even before), I'm pushing for an innovative traffic circle to be installed at the eastern end of the market where Innes, Rankin, Jerrold, and the new Quint connector road will all merge.

Phases III and IV will involve the central market site replacement of the four existing warehouse buildings.  An optional phase would see the erection of an approximately 12000 sq-ft multi-use building on the 901 Rankin premises, adjacent to the Phase I warehouse structure.

More on the project can be found in the lease agreement passed last July by the SF Board of Supervisors.

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