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Monday, August 11, 2014

Gun violence, bickering, and finger-pointing continues in Bayview

"When an area like the Bayview is suffering the absence of permanent solutions to its most vexing problems, another task force could be seen as just another diversion," said Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.
In response, Supervisor Cohen wrote an op-ed in Sunday's SF Examiner, writing,
The proposed task force will bring a more collaborative and transparent effort to address the causes of these acts and help put an end to cyclical gun violence. Concertedly, this task force will coordinate regular community programs and work to identify at-risk youths, who can eventually end up as perpetrators of these acts.
Supervisor Cohen continues,
The very day The San Francisco Examiner story came out [“Cohen’s gun task force questioned,” Aug. 7], my opponents issued a press release calling for their own Stop The Violence in The Bayview photo opportunity. 
Their flagrant and insincere use of tragedy in the Bayview for their own political gain is exacerbating the problems rather than working with me, the mayor, Police Chief Greg Suhr and others to create and implement real solutions.
An interesting use of words, referring to those who called for their own Stop the Violence in the Bayview event her "opponents".  That event, mentioned here in the Examiner, was organized by SEIU Local 1021.  Sure, it was organized and promoted by people who have in the past and are currently seeking the job of District 10 Supervisor, but this is the only way in which these people are Supervisor Cohen's "opponents".  Her colleague, Supervisor David Campos, certainly not a political opponent of hers, spoke at this event, but so did Bayview Police Captain Robert O'Sullivan, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi,  and her own aide Mawuli Tugbenyoh.  While some of these people may have different approaches to the problem, where the problem is concerned, none of us should look upon someone who's trying to solve the problem as an opponent - we're all in this together and as such, need to work together to find solutions.   Thus, in referring to them as "opponents" in the Examiner, Supervisor Cohen has herself turned these shootings and the problem of gun violence into a political game piece.  Turning it around and blaming her "opponents" for the political gamesmanship she herself is playing is just, well, politics, and does nothing to help the situation or solve the problem at hand.

Many of the people who came out on Thursday were the same people who protested at City Hall last month, asking for the Mayor and Supervisor Cohen to make solving the gun violence problem a more visible priority.  These are the same people who, according to longtime Bayview resident Dianne Smith, have "invited [Supervisor Cohen] on numerous occasions to collaborate with us in seeking practical solutions".  As ABC7 news reported,
In the meantime, many people in the Bayview are frustrated and angry and wondering when the next shooting will come.
Sadly, as much of this was being published and read and debated, that day came, as two more young men were killed on a sunny summer evening the Bayview, with the gunman still at large.  More on that at SFGate.

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