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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Malia Cohen wins D10 election (preliminary)

Preliminary ranked choice voting indicate that Spervisor Malia Cohen has won a second term. With 46% of first round votes going to Cohen, elimination of Shawn Richard and Ed Donaldson in the second round puts her over the 50% threshold to win. 

As in 2010, Cohen's win comes with a message that a majority of voters preferred someone else. The difference today is that although not a majority, she did win a large plurality of the votes, so it's harder to "blame" RCV for her win (as some did last time) this time around. 

Personally, and if they're willing, I'd like to see Supervisor Cohen reach out and ask those who opposed her to take on advisory roles to help her bridge the gaps that some voters appear to believe exist. 

As Supervisor Cohen's appointed representative on the SFCTA-CAC, I for one look forward to continuing to advise her on transportation issues and helping shape better transportation and improved options for All of D10's residents. 

Congratulations to Supevisor Cohen, but also to Tony Kelly, Marlene Tran, and Richard and Donaldson for bringing community issues to the fore and getting us talking about the things that matter to D10 residents. 

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