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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

22-Day MUNI Challenge - Where was our supervisor?

Supervisor Wiener "won" the 22-day MUNI Challenge put on by the SF Transit Riders Union with 106 rides into all parts of the city.

Supervisor Cohen, I truly wish you'd done half as many trips as Scott. A third, even. A fifth as many would have put you ahead of Supervisor Mar. But to ride MUNI (and tweet #OnBoardSF) only twice in 22 days, ending up at the bottom of the heap, makes me sad. It doesn't send a very good message about your commitment to transit or to your constituents who endure tough commutes on MUNI every day.

Now I get where you're coming from. I don't take MUNI anymore either. I ride my bike everywhere now because it's significantly faster than MUNI and I get some exercise in the process. Sure, driving is also faster, and we understand that you have a lot of places to go and things to do around the city, but so does Supervisor Wiener. I used to take MUNI daily from Palou and Third to get to work, and understand what riders in the Southeast go through to get where they need to go, and I'm lucky, because I have the option of taking my bike instead. Most people riding MUNI have no other choice. They can't get on a bike or into their cars or walk to where they need to go, and our elected officials need to show us that they feel our pain. Supervisors Wiener gets it and knows what people go through, and they appreciate that.

Supervisor Wiener writes, "People like seeing their elected officials on transit. It’s important for elected officials to understand, on a personal level, what their constituents are going through so that we have the fire in the belly to address those needs."

I would like to think that if I'd been in your shoes, I'd have given Supervisor Wiener a run for his money getting to the top spot of the challenge. Who knows, you may have even had as much fun doing it as it sounds like he did.
One of two times Supervisor Cohen tweeted that she was on MUNI during the 22-day challenge.

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