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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

San Francisco Bicycle Advisory Committee

The District 10 seat on the city's Bicycle Advisory Committee is open. If you are passionate about cycling in San Francisco and think you'd make a good advocate to our supervisor, then please apply!

Go to the SFBAC website now!

SFWater meeting

Pose your Questions for Open House about Proposed Southeast Plant and Sewer Upgrades and Win Prizes!
Ask the Experts at Community Open House on January 24

RSVP here

WHAT: The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is hosting a Community Open House at the SE Community Facility on Saturday, January 24. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss planning and design efforts to upgrade aging facilities at the Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant between Jerrold and Evans Avenues and Phelps and Rankin Streets.

Project stations and informational kiosks will be open throughout the session. Morning and afternoon “Ask the Experts” workshops will provide attendees an opportunity to pose questions to the project managers and designers. Win prizes at the event by:
1) Sending in questions in advance, posted on our Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/SFWater about the new siting of the biosolids digesters facilities and watershed projects that are slated for District 10, or any other questions about the sewer system.
2) Completing the event survey after perusing stations. Entrants will be eligible to win gift certificates to local restaurants like Old Skool Café and All Good Pizza as well as other prizes such as sweatshirts and reusable water bottles.
Don’t miss out!
Refreshments will be served and a children’s activity table will be ongoing throughout the session.

The Sewer System Improvement Program is a multi-phased capital program to rebuild and upgrade our combined sewer system to provide a more reliable and resilient system that continues to protect public health and the environment. For more information, visit www.sfwater.org/SSIP.

WHO: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

WHEN: Saturday, January 24th, 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM

WHERE: Southeast Community Facility
1800 Oakdale Avenue, San Francisco CA 94124

CONTACT: Ari Frink, SFPUC (415) 934-5713, afrink@sfwater.org

Friday, January 16, 2015

The myth of gentrification

Slate has an interesting article looking at gentrification and how it is in fact a very rare thing. That which we consider gentrification actually isn't, and the effects of bringing a neighborhood up in fact extends benefits to all those who live in it.

In the article, they find that there is "no evidence that poor people moved out of gentrifying neighborhoods at a higher than normal rate...; as neighborhoods gentrify, they also improve in many ways that may be as appreciated by their disadvantaged residents as by their more affluent ones," and, "the problem isn’t so much that gentrification hurts black neighborhoods; it’s that it too often bypasses them."

"Retiring the term gentrification won’t do anything to address these problems, of course. But it will remove a distraction. Let’s examine how neighborhoods really change and why some don’t. Let’s debate supply constraints (in addition to providing affordable housing) in the San Franciscos of America and figure out how to provide rent subsidies in the Rust Belt. It won’t be as fun as decrying or defending gentrification, but at least it will be directed at problems that are real."

Candlestick to come down by wrecking ball

From SFGate,
Plans for a pyrotechnic implosion of Candlestick Park have fizzled in favor of the wrecking ball — with health fears and political pressure playing a big part in the decision. 
...an attention-grabbing plan to implode the Stick next month ran into stiff opposition from Golden Gate University’s Environmental Law and Justice Clinic and the Bayview Hill Neighborhood Association...[and] the San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council coming out against it Thursday.
Perhaps they'll get Miley Cyrus to perform, but I'm not sure how workers will react to that, though...

Seriously, though, I'd like to see someone from the Bay Area Air Quality Management Agency come in and do a detailed study of the air quality during the two month demolition and alert neighbors to any hazards as they arise in real time.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

BRITE monthly meeting

Saturday, January 17, at 10 AM, Bayview Library (3rd and Revere)
Monthly meeting: Bayview Residents Improving Their Environment (BRITE)

This coming Saturday, we encourage you to meet one new neighbor at the monthly BRITE neighborhood meeting. You'll find something in common with other cool folks—contractors, financial planners, programmers, entrepreneurs, students, city planners, painters—who may live just a few doors down from you! 
Bring your thoughts on how to take better care of our streets & our parks and how to improve our transit (taken the light rail lately?). Or just come to meet other folks. 
The agenda includes plans and projects for 2015, illegal dumping, and MUNI quality of service.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Geneva-Harney BRT Study Meeting

Date: 6:00 p.m., Thursday, January 8, 2014
Location: Visitacion Valley Public Library, Meeting Room

Visit SFCTA for tonight's meeting agenda.

For more information, go to the Geneva-Harney Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thrillist names Bayview's The Old Clam House "Most Iconic" in CA

Writes Thillist author Lee Breslouer,
The Old Clam HouseSan Francisco (Est. 1861) With respect to the Tadich Grill in SF and Musso & Frank’s in Hollywood, our choice is this legendary spot in Bayview. Anyone who has spent time playing soccer on Silver Ave or driving down Bayshore Boulevard or just living around SF knows the Old Clam House’s iconic sign and that giant clam sitting on the side of the roof and the fact that it’s the oldest restaurant in the same location in SF (again, apologies to Tadich). But more people should know about their incredible clam bake cioppino and the amazing kettle bread they bring out with hot clam juice and their own “Milwaukee steam beer”, which our SF-based editor swears by. 
The Old Clam House is located at 299 Bayshore Blvd at Oakdale, and is open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

SF 2024 Olympics could be AWESOME!

Photo: Flavin, Kevin (US - San Francisco/SF Bid Committee)
For those who believe as Chris Daly does that a 2024 Olympics in San Francisco would be ruinous for San Francisco, I suggest they travel to London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to see what the 2012 Olympics has done and is continuing to do to a part of that city that was very much like ours. Only by visiting it can you really understand how amazingly rejuvenating this kind of project can be for a neighborhood. The operative word here, of course, is "can". It can also be a disaster, but if done properly, it can be freaking awesome! In London, the surrounding older community is not negatively impacted - in fact it seems to be coming up and into its own with shops and restaurants being opened up by people already living there. The new community is full of open spaces, new affordable housing, and fantastic transit connecting the old and the new with the city center.

In San Francisco, plans are already in the works for housing, transit, and other expensive infrastructure in the Southeast part of the city. It is mindbogglingly shortsighted of "progressives" like Daly to want to stop this kind of project that will do nothing short of accelerate and fund construction of these projects, getting people who need housing into it faster, and getting them where they're going faster. During Daly's disastrous tenure on our city's Board of Supervisors, he did nothing but stymie real progress in this city. Now as a suburbanite, he wants to continue his record of stagnation.

This is not the America's Cup. This is not building housing only for the rich or the gentry. This is about getting low-income and working-class people into homes in the Southeast and improving transit and infrastructure for all, and using a catalyst like the Olympics to do it within our lifetime.

We should know this Thursday if San Francisco has been chosen as the USA's Olympic bid city. More on the Olympics bid at SFGate.

Candlestick demolition: implosion vs dismantle

Lennar Corp held a meeting last night to address community concerns over their proposal to implode Candlestick versus a slower dismantling of the old stadium.


There is continued distrust of Lennar within the community, and so it is reasonable for people to be asking about the safety of implosion. There is peer-reviewd scientific literature on the subject that points to it being highly risky in an urban environment, but so too can dismantling. Unless Lennar can control the wind or force people to remain in their homes during the implosion, then research shows that imploding the stadium will cause harm. There is also the issue of particulates caused by hauling off the material after implosion that has yet to be addressed. Lennar needs to address these concerns and come up with a way to mitigate particulates during and after an implosion. Otherwise, I suspect they'll need to dismantle the stadium in a controlled and safe manner.

Demolition of High-Rise Public Housing Increases Particulate Matter Air Pollution in Communities of High-Risk Asthmatics, 2006: "...individuals living near sites of public housing demolition are at risk for exposure to high particulate concentrations." http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10473289.2006.10464504

The Implosion of the Calgary General Hospital: Ambient Air Quality Issues, 2005: "These findings point to a number of complex and problematic issues regarding implosions and safeguarding human health and suggest that implosions in metropolitan areas should be prohibited." http://web.a.ebscohost.com/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?sid=ef68a047-fe53-4ed3-9ffa-75dbaf2320e2%40sessionmgr4003&vid=1&hid=4106

The Impact of a Building Implosion on Airborne Particulate Matter in an Urban Community, 2003: "These results demonstrate that a building implosion can have a severe but short-lived impact on community air quality." http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10473289.2003.10466275

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I'm happy to say that at today's SFCTA Plans and Programs committee meeting, and with the support of Supervisor Cohen, I was reappointed to another 2-year term on the SFCTA Citizens Advisory Committee. Woo-hoo!

For those who don't know what the SFCTA is, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority administers and oversees the delivery of the Proposition K (Prop K) half-cent local transportation sales tax program and New Expenditure Plan, which was passed by 75% of San Francisco voters in November 2003. The Authority was created in 1989 to administer Prop K's predecessor, the Proposition B half-cent transportation sales tax program, which began in 1990 and continued until it was superseded by Prop K.

The CAC's mission is to assist the Transportation Authority by reflecting community values in the development of the mission and programs of the Transportation Authority; and communicating information about the Transportation Authority's mission and programs back to the community. The CAC accomplishes this mission by providing the Commissioners and staff of the Transportation Authority with input on nearly all matters that go before the Transportation Authority Board and its standing committees. This includes providing comments on transportation plans, programs and studies; the Prop. K (half-cent sales tax) Expenditure Plan and Strategic Plan; project funding priorities; transportation-related legislation; and community transportation concerns. The CAC also assists in publicizing transportation projects and plans to neighborhoods, and solicits the neighborhoods input for feedback to the Transportation Authority.

Southeast FUF Tree Plantings

Portola Community Planting Day February 14th, 2015

This year, you only need to co-pay $75 and FUF will plant a tree with you in the sidewalk in front of your home AND come back for 3-years of follow-up care.

***Forms Deadline is January 12, 2015***


Bayview Community Planting Day February 28, 2015

This year,  you only need to co-pay $25 and we’ll plant a tree with you in the sidewalk in front of your home AND come back for 3-years of follow-up care.

***Forms Deadline is January 21, 2015***

Potrero Hill
Potrero Hill Community Planting Day March 28, 2015

This year,  you only need to co-pay $135 and FUF will plant a tree with you in the sidewalk in front of your home AND come back for 3-years of follow-up care.

***Forms Deadline is Feb 18, 2015***