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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Supervisorial endorsements

My Facebook inbox lit up yesterday, as D10 supervisor Malia Cohen expressed her gratitude after receiving the sole endorsement of the Alice B Toklas LGBT Democratic Club. Today, it was Tony Kelly's turn, thanking the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club for theirs. 

While I don't know how much voters look to endorsing bodies for voting guidance, what these organizations do is provide candidates with a small army of volunteers and money to help get their messages out to voters. 

What about you? Are you swayed by endorsements?

Friday, August 15, 2014

The great bike divide: why miniorites bike less

The Southeast communities of San Francisco have some of the highest vehicle ownership rates in the city. We also have some of the most unreliable and infrequent transit (T-Third, 52-Rutland), coupled with some of the absolute poorest bicycle connectivity.  This lack of infrastructure is one of the key reasons why people who live in affordable - and more distant - neighborhoods like Visitacion Valley and Bayview tend to drive more and bike and walk less.

An interesting article in Urbanful highlights some recent studies on this, and concludes that increasing infrastructure for our neighborhoods needs to be a priority, followed by extensive outreach to work to change peoples' perceptions of these different modes and to help them get used to using them.

Warriors Stadium Design Taking Shape

According to CurbedSF, the Golden State Warriors have dropped a teaser of the site plan for their $1 billion Mission Bay stadium project.

The Warriors' current site proposal includes:

  • State-of-the-art multi-purpose arena and event space (approximately 18,000 seats)
  • Approximately 500,000 square feet of office space in two 160-foot office buildings along Third Street
  • Between 55,000 and 95,000 square feet of retail space
  • More than three acres of plazas, landscaping, and other public space (over 25% of the total site)
  • Enclosed parking for office users and site visitors

The team hopes to have its arena ready for the 2018-19 NBA season.

Geneva-Harney BRT Feasibility Study CAC meeting

The next meeting of the GHCAC will take place:

Thursday, August 21
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Community Meeting Room
Visitacion Valley Public Library
201 Leland Ave, San Francisco, CA.

The agenda for this meeting should be posted in the next few days.

For information on the study, visit SFCTA.

The Geneva-Harney Bus Rapid Transit line is a proposed service envisioned to provide existing and future neighborhoods along the San Mateo-San Francisco County border with a bus connection to the border area’s key regional transit system hubs. The corridor extends from Balboa Park BART/Muni Station in the west to Hunters Point Shipyard in the east, including a connection to the Bayshore Caltrain Station. The study conducts conceptual feasibility planning and design work and initiates a cross-jurisdictional, community consensus-building process to prepare the bus project for implementation.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Foghorn Bayview

From Tablehopper,
Bayview continues to percolate with new projects, and come this winter, ~FOGHORN BAYVIEW~ will be sounding its horn. The project is from Eric Nyeste (Proof Grainworks), who some may recognize from the Bayview Underground Food Scene, and his friend and architect, Josh Wallace (Mock/Wallace Architects).   
The duo envision a neighborhood place that is going to offer breakfast and lunch, one that is primarily “high-quality Southern” in feel. 
Read more at Tablehopper and check out Foghorn Bayview's Facebook page for updates on their new space at 4608 Third St.

h/t E. Shaddix

Monday, August 11, 2014

Gun violence, bickering, and finger-pointing continues in Bayview

"When an area like the Bayview is suffering the absence of permanent solutions to its most vexing problems, another task force could be seen as just another diversion," said Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.
In response, Supervisor Cohen wrote an op-ed in Sunday's SF Examiner, writing,
The proposed task force will bring a more collaborative and transparent effort to address the causes of these acts and help put an end to cyclical gun violence. Concertedly, this task force will coordinate regular community programs and work to identify at-risk youths, who can eventually end up as perpetrators of these acts.
Supervisor Cohen continues,
The very day The San Francisco Examiner story came out [“Cohen’s gun task force questioned,” Aug. 7], my opponents issued a press release calling for their own Stop The Violence in The Bayview photo opportunity. 
Their flagrant and insincere use of tragedy in the Bayview for their own political gain is exacerbating the problems rather than working with me, the mayor, Police Chief Greg Suhr and others to create and implement real solutions.
An interesting use of words, referring to those who called for their own Stop the Violence in the Bayview event her "opponents".  That event, mentioned here in the Examiner, was organized by SEIU Local 1021.  Sure, it was organized and promoted by people who have in the past and are currently seeking the job of District 10 Supervisor, but this is the only way in which these people are Supervisor Cohen's "opponents".  Her colleague, Supervisor David Campos, certainly not a political opponent of hers, spoke at this event, but so did Bayview Police Captain Robert O'Sullivan, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi,  and her own aide Mawuli Tugbenyoh.  While some of these people may have different approaches to the problem, where the problem is concerned, none of us should look upon someone who's trying to solve the problem as an opponent - we're all in this together and as such, need to work together to find solutions.   Thus, in referring to them as "opponents" in the Examiner, Supervisor Cohen has herself turned these shootings and the problem of gun violence into a political game piece.  Turning it around and blaming her "opponents" for the political gamesmanship she herself is playing is just, well, politics, and does nothing to help the situation or solve the problem at hand.

Many of the people who came out on Thursday were the same people who protested at City Hall last month, asking for the Mayor and Supervisor Cohen to make solving the gun violence problem a more visible priority.  These are the same people who, according to longtime Bayview resident Dianne Smith, have "invited [Supervisor Cohen] on numerous occasions to collaborate with us in seeking practical solutions".  As ABC7 news reported,
In the meantime, many people in the Bayview are frustrated and angry and wondering when the next shooting will come.
Sadly, as much of this was being published and read and debated, that day came, as two more young men were killed on a sunny summer evening the Bayview, with the gunman still at large.  More on that at SFGate.

Long Bridge Pizza opens in Dogpatch

From the SF Examiner,
Pizza is pizza. Don’t overthink it. 
This seems to be the philosophy at Long Bridge Pizza Co. in the Dogpatch, and it works. Pizza is pretty much all that’s served in this modern, linear space (along with some wine and beer, now that their license is happily in effect), and that dedication to a single thing shows in their carefully crafted pies. The menu here isn’t cluttered with dreary pastas or lackluster chicken wings. It’s focused on the one thing that matters: pizza.
Read more about Long Bridge Pizza, 2347 Third St, at the SF Examiner.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Take Back the Table at All Good Pizza

Join neighbors for a relaxing evening of conversation and the opportunity to meet new friends and share your favorite summer experiences and memories.

$40 includes an exceptional four course family style meal with carefully chosen wine pairings. Space is limited and tickets will not be available at the door.

Get tickets at Eventbrite.

Take a moment away from the chaos of daily life to share stories, participate in authentic connection and enjoy a leisurely, meaningful meal.


  • luscious beginnings: summer gazpacho with herbed crostini
  • keep it going: mango avocado salad, herbed vinaigrette
  • the main event: tri-tip chimichurri with grilled summer squash  OR fresh, seasonal vegetable brochettes with chimichurri and cilantro rice
  • sweet endings: caramel flan

< no phones, no selfies, just dinner like it used to be >

The Bayview is the sunniest part of San Francisco!  We will be dining al fresco under twinkling lights and heat lamps if the weather requires it.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Community Youth Center Bayview event

CYC-Bayview Youth Advocates are a group of high school youth learning about Bayview history and trying to improve the Bayview through service to the community. One way they are trying to do this while and practicing leadership skills is by organizing a cultural gathering event this Saturday, August 9th at College Track from 11:00AM - 2:00PM.

Through this event, neighborhood residents will have the opportunity to learn about many different celebrated cultures here in the Bayview; understand and not make assumptions about each other;and meet new neighbors so that we all can learn to work together peacefully and harmoniously.

At the event, you can:

-play games to learn about other cultures
-enter a raffle for gift cards
-try food samples
-enjoy performances and activities!

For more information, contact Wendy Lee, program coordinator CYC-BYA at (415)-550-1151 or email at wendyl@cycsf.org

Supervisors are obligated to take transit

From the SF Examiner,
In 1993, a grass-roots citizens group founded by Brown collected thousands of petition signatures and put a measure on the San Francisco ballot requiring the mayor, supervisors, and top city officials to ride Muni or other public transit to work at least twice every week. 
In the voter information pamphlet, Brown wrote: "Government is getting out of touch because too many officeholders and city workers act like potentates, not public servants. Send them a message! VOTE YES on AA to get them back to reality by riding the Muni twice a week." San Francisco voters overwhelmingly agreed, with 65 percent voting to make this official city policy. 
So when was the last time you saw Mayor Ed Lee on your Muni bus?
How do our Supervisors get to work?

County Fair comes to Bayview

This month's 3rd on Third is back!

Friday, August 15
5:00 - 8:00PM
Third St between Palou Ave and McKinnon Ave

Special attractions include a 6-pony carousel and a large petting zoo.

The little bikes are back as well by popular demand.

New this time is the trolley letting people out at The Dollar Store as the last stop before Mendell Plaza.

The Dollar Store and More will feature a drumming circle, performers from A.C.T. Stage Coach and a Western themed photo booth.

Jazz will be back at Radio Africa and Velobrews.

Auntie April will bring her waffles outside, and artists will create a special interactive project in front of Bayview Liquors

Kennedy's Market will have a face painter.

Vendors will line the Opera House block.

Going the Distance to Fight HIV/AIDS

Chris Waddling on an AIDS LifeCycle 2015 training ride
From May 31 to June 6, 2015, Bayview cyclist Chris Waddling (that's me!) will be riding 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles as part of the AIDS LifeCycle.

VeloBrews Cafe & Cycling Community Center, located at 4634 Third St in the Bayview, is committed to helping Chris raise money towards his $5000 goal in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

VeloBrews will match donations made at the shop (up to $20/day) to Chris’ AIDS LifeCycle fundraising, with all funds going to support the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Every penny helps, so please donate what you can.

AIDS/LifeCycle is a fully supported, 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Visit aidslifecycle.org for more information.

Go here to donate directly to Chris's fundraising effort and to read updates on his training.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Money Talks - Fundraising totals in races that matter to D10

Despite running only 4 points behind David Chiu in the June 3 primary, D9 Supervisor David Campos has apparently fallen well behind the frontrunner Chiu in recent fundraising numbers.

According to fundraising data made public on Friday, David Chiu has 25-times the amount of money in the bank - $500,000 - as his opponent.  This despite their 2014 fundraising totals seeming to be much closer - Chiu has raised $579,393 in the first six months of 2014 while Campos raised $305,571.  It would appear the two Davids have run their campaigns very differently, Campos spending most of his money to ensure a good June 3 showing, while Chiu holding off spending his to bolster his run-up to the November election.

Also revealed were fundraising totals for the D10 supervisor race.  According to SFGate, "Cohen brought in nearly $117,000 this year, and has $175,590 in the bank after carrying over more than $110,000 from 2013. Kelly has raised $42,135 in donations and spent nearly all of it. But he has also received nearly $84,000 in public financing and matching funds, according to his campaign." Meanwhile, "Cohen, like all of the sitting supervisors, has declined to accept public financing."

Grand Opening of Burrows St Pocket Park

Architectural Digest, The Lincoln Motor Company, Architecture for Humanity, and the Portola Neighborhood Association have collaborated over the past year to design the Burrows Pocket Park off San Bruno Avenue. With the help of the local community members, artists, designers, and fabricators, the space has been re-imagined to reflect both inspiration from each partner and the Portola neighborhood.

We hope the our new community space not only brings the community together, but also encourages visitors to continue making their neighborhood a beautiful and safe place.

Thursday, August 7
4:30pm to 7pm
Burrows St at San Bruno Ave

Come celebrate the grand opening of the park and enjoy some music, refreshments and brief remarks.

Drop by any time to enjoy the reveal of our beautiful new park, fresh from the addition of a mural, benches, and more!

Vote for Teresa & Old Skool Cafe

Help them win $20,000!

Did you hear the good news? Teresa (founder of Old Skool Cafe) was nominated by our youth for a Hot 20 Community Leadership Award.

With just a few days left to vote for Teresa and Old Skool Cafe, we need your help. The winner will be featured in 7x7 Magazine AND receive $20,000 from The San Francisco Foundation for their organization. Awesome!

And here's more good news:

You can help by voting EVERY day until August 8!

Here's all you have to do:
GO to TSFF Hot 20 Community Choice Awards
SCROLL down to the bottom of the page
CLICK on Teresa's picture (go ahead, click on it!)

ENTER your email address
SUBMIT your vote