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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

News you may have missed this week

News has become so fractured lately, with progressives the only people typically reading the progressive papers, etc. Hopefully there's something here that you missed that maybe piques your interest. As always, if I've missed something, please let me know!

As a side note, the SF Bay Guardian is based in District 10, and so it's not surprising that they have more D10-related articles than any other paper. Not that the SFBG is doing a bad job - quite the contrary - but I hope the Chronicle, Examiner, and others step up their reporting in our district prior to election day. They don't seem to know what they're missing!

10/19 District 10 Supervisor Candidates visit Asian American Students at SFSU - Hyphen Magazine (blog)

10/19 Bay Area New York Times Affiliate to Host Young Democrats' Campaign Volunteer Drive? - SFWeekly

10/18 District 10 endorsement madness - SFBG

10/15 District 10: Lynette Sweet, a sensible leader - SFGate

10/13 Maxwell disappoints by endorsing Sweet - SFBG

10/12 Downtown massively outspends progressives - SFBG


  1. Cannot wait for the full report on the Moss shouting match with the SFBG publisher at the Potrero festival.

    Moss's true colors coming out. The bully of Potrero coming apart? Going to threaten some more local business owners to support you Steve?

    Go back to Dolores Moss, nobody needs your thieving type on the hill.

  2. Not sure why an argument between opponents is a bad thing. In fact, a few weeks ago people were wondering "when the gloves were coming off" between candidates. Obviously the first poster has some sort of psychotic hatred for Moss and has turned to baiting in an effort to provoke him into a reply. From here it looks like a weak move of a desperate supporter of another candidate. Wonder who that would be...probably Tony Kelly, judging from the pro-SFBG slant. Sad.

  3. Comment two, spot the Moss supporter.

    Psychotic following as his or her candidate gets in a street shouting match with a newspaper publisher, classy!

  4. Got it. Anyone who doesn't agree with you is a Moss supporter. Now what shows more balls? To have a verbal dust-up in public with someone who is publishing a smear campaign or to sit on the sidelines and take potshots from under the cover of anonymity?

  5. Note: When you publish your comments anonymously, I have the ability to remove personal attacks against other readers. So, Anonymous, please take it down a notch and refrain from ad hominem attacks on others.

  6. This is classic Moss.

    Smear campaign by SFBG. They have questioned Sweet, manage to forget that? They published replies, including Moss, when answers were provided.

    However Moss failed and continues to fail to provide exact details on what he did with millions of dollars that he managed to get from taxpayers, and that is a smear?

    He and all other candidates decided to run and place themselves in the spotlight, he is not the victim that he seems to love playing.

    Why is it a smear to question someone on material that is readily available online and in the public domain.

    Let's see the smear:

    1. Moss receives $1.5m to a private consulting company owns and sets up for profit and non profit one word different in spelling. True?
    2. Moss as head of the non-profit awards himself a contract as a consultant, perfectly normal?
    3. Moss makes a $800K profit on a property that nobody at the surveyors office can explain how it became a two unit condominium. Bruce Storres, city surveyor, "it fell through the cracks".
    4. Moss leaves the district and files papers to run using his work address, rent paid for by a taxpayer funded non profit, is this even legal as he used a non profit funded office?
    5. Moss hand delivers a copy of his newspaper by hand for the first time to every address on the North slope of Potrero with his campaign ad inside. He paid himself $300 for the ad, who's paying the papers costs?
    6. Moss tries to evict at least two tenants at his Dolores home, one living and fighting HIV. Uses Andrew Zacks. Any explanation?
    7. Gets into another lawsuit with another owner on another property, filings make interesting reading on Mr. Moss and his wife.
    8. Moss receives $50K a year from his wife's non profit, she's deputy director, to run a community news wire. Count the articles and it cost $5K an article, mostly written by interns for free, true?
    9. Moss paid himself $140K this year per his statements at his non profit. Self awarded contract and non-profit salary, what exactly has be done for the community with that vast sum this year?
    10. His non profit mission statement and work does not match. Never does he declare he is paying himself hundreds of thousands with our tax dollars, what did it do for the Bayview and Hunters Point?
    11. Misspells his for profit consultancy on every tax return and uses his friends address in Oakland. States in interviews that he did practically all the work, so why the wrong spelling and different address on every 990?
    12. Multiple lawsuits since 2000 involving him and his wife, never explained, all in the public record.
    13. Lucky 13, keeps stating all the green jobs he created, can we get a number and where they all are now?
    14. How many light bulbs and fridges did he give away, think the Dept. of Environment has 4 fridges on record, not too impressive for $4m and 9 years work, care to explain?

    So is this a smear campaign or are there some very funny dealings going on that need full and thorough explaining?

    Do we want a candidate that has been involved that seems to do nothing but sue people and can't seem to get out of the way of conflict.

    Nobody seems to want to talk about Moss on the record and his bullying on the hill seems to be the worst kept secret.

    No other candidate wants to call him out as everyone running knows the whole game is down to those second and third choices and they don't want to lose a vote.

    Explain away, or will we get another Moss call me reply? Just post the answers so everyone can see online, we all know that will never happen.

    Does anyone reading this really think you could trust this guy for five minutes in city hall?

  7. Just...overcafeinated...psychotic...ramblings...from...someone...with...too...much...time...on...their...hands...and...no...respect...for...the...rules...of...grammar...or...any..respect...for...common...courtesy...so...let's...just...take...this...for...what...it's...worth.

  8. Easy solution.

    Vote for Kristine Enea!

  9. Interesting that only one candidates followers personally attack anyone asking questions?

    I haven't seen the same of Kelly, Enea, DeWitt, Cohen or Sweet supporters, why?

    Go Giants!

  10. Hello...Steve...How...Are...You....Stressed?

  11. too funny. now you're copying someone else's 3dot style. and you've moved from assaulting the poor comma to a full blitz on the defenseless apostrophe. moving up, as it were. let's try to focus on the issues, not the candidates. it's more productive. and more mature. try to think "mature," not "immature." try.

  12. Great comment Steve, I mean "Anonymous" last comment.

    Focus on your issues or the districts?

    Please specify.

  13. Hey Steve, $45K from Thomas J, Coates, nice touch, will rent control be over February when you are elected Republican D10 supervisor.

    Any chance of clarifying that you will only try and evict HIV + tenants, same way you tried with your buddy Andrew Zacks (another Moss supporter) at your Dolores Park apartments or are we straight white, Potrero View thumping, renters all safe on the hill with you?

    Re-elect George W Bush and Republican Steve Moss for D10.

  14. Go Carly, Meg and Steve !!!


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