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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trash/ID Theives in Potrero Hill

UPDATE: I recieved this from Recology this morning:
"Thank you for contacting Recology Sunset. We do provide locking carts for our customers with a monthly access fee of $11.05 per cart. If you would like to order the locking blue cart, please contact our office at 415-330-1300 8am-4:30pm Monday thru Friday."
There've been a lot of posts recently on the Potrero Hill Yahoo group about people rummaging through trash bins late at night.  This happens all across the nation, so it's something all of us can help to keep an eye out for and help stop from happening.

One resident posted the following useful information... From Steve S., 
Some information about the recycle bin thieves.  At last November's Booster meeting, we had a Bayview-Hunters Point police officer provide a neighborhood safety briefing for the Hill.  During that meeting I had inquired about what could be done to address the people rummaging thru our recycle bins.  Sgt. Dave O'Connor contacted me to get more information about this situation and to help us address the problem.  He indicated that he will be patrolling the neighborhood starting next week specifically looking for these folks.  He will also have the help of an additional car on regular patrol as well, and he will be informing the other officers in the district to be aware of this problem.  Their approach is to first inform/educate these people about the city's recycling laws, make note of who the culprits are, and to use their patrol presence as a deterrent.  If that doesn't work, then they can always start issuing citations to repeat offenders.  But their initial intent is to scare these people away by making their patrol presence known.  They will, however, be on the lookout for the larger recycle trucks that are trying to collect these recyclables and may be more aggressive with them.  In the meantime, if anyone sees this happening, you should call the non-emergency police line to the BayviewHunters Point station (415-553-0123) and report it, and ask them to let Sgt. O'Connor know that this is happening.  
You can also go to the Recology SF website to report recycling thefts.

According to this document, in San Mateo County, residents are allowed to purchase a lock and key from Recology.  Why not here in San Francisco?

Read more about recycling theft in San Mateo County at the SF Examiner 

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