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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Silver Terrace Traffic Calming Hearing

Friday, March 18, 2011
10:00 AM
Rm 416, City Hall
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Hearing

There will be a hearing to discuss community-developed traffic calming proposals for local streets within the project area.

Silver Terrace Traffic Calming Map
AREA-WIDE TRAFFIC CALMING Silver Terrace neighborhood, bounded by Bayshore Blvd, Silver Ave, Palou Ave, Williams Ave and Phelps St

Silver Terrace Traffic Calming Project

This project was made possible through the efforts of Supervisor Chu.

Silver Terrace Traffic Calming Proposals Developed! 

After nearly 6 months of community planning work, a group of local residents and City staff have developed traffic calming proposals for Silver Terrace. The proposals for the area are shown on the map below. Twenty-six local residents attended a community meeting October 14th at the Bayview Police Station hear about and discuss the traffic calming proposals. City staff reviewed the project and showed current proposals (see the presentation) before opening the floor to discussion and questions. Attendees were very supportive of the traffic calming effort and there were only two instances of opposition to individual proposals for Ledyard Street. 
Next Steps

The SFMTA will continue to collect resident comments through October 26, 2010. If the current level of support continues, staff will finalize the traffic calming proposals and legislate them through the City and begin applying for construction funding. Once funding is acquired, staff will begin implementing traffic calming measures. Some traffic calming measures will also rewquirea  local resident vote on the impacted block. If you are impacted by one of these measures, for instance if a speed hump is posed on your block, you will receive a ballot in the mail, and will be asked to vote for your preference. 

Comments and Questions

If you would like more information about this project, or about traffic calming in San Francisco, go to www.sfmta.com/calming

If you have general traffic concerns or questions, please dial 311.   

Sign up for the email list!

We’re creating an email list to go along with the project mailing list. If you’d like to be added to either list, please email nick.carr@sfmta.com. We’ll continue to update people via the mailing list, the email list and this website when there is news to report.   

Traffic Calming Overview

Please review our section on the general principles of Traffic Calming on this website to learn more about this program.


Project Kickoff Presentation (pdf)
October 14 TC Proposals (pdf)


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