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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More condos for Potrero Hill?

According to Socket Site,
...the owner of the one-story warehouse at 1301 16th Street has been quietly drafting plans to build a big seven-story building. As drafted, the 68-foot tall building would front Carolina, 16th, and Wisconsin Streets and include 278 new dwelling units with a garage for up to 84 autos on the ground floor.

Add this to the plan for 1601 Mariposa St and the addition of 291 new units, the lot at 98 Pennsylvania that was just purchased so as to build a 45-unit building, and the plan for over 450 units at Daggett Place at 16th St and Mississippi, plus those under construction at The Onyx at DeHaro and 17th, and you have a lot of change coming to lower Potrero Hill!

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