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Monday, December 2, 2013

Yogurt: Ferment it Yourself!

6:15p, 12/5/13 Community Pop-Up Market, Bayview Opera House

Sign up here.  Class is $5, barter/trade is possible, just contact fermenting@gmail.com in advance.

Unburden yourself from the cost of store bought yogurt (and your growing mountain of plastic yogurt containers) by making it yourself!  

Join us at the 12/5 Community Pop-Up Market, now on Thursdays at the Bayview Opera House, for the second 94124-focused class aimed at giving Bayview residents the tools to make their own healthy, fermented foods.  (Yes, yogurt is fermented!)  And it is very easy to make using common kitchen equipment.  At the market, sponsored by Bayview Underground Food Scene, you can pick up dinner (from ToliverWorks' vegan soup to Antie April's soul food), tomorrow's lunch fixings (Earl's Bread and CFN salads), and desert of course (Feve Artisan Chocolates and Yvonne's pralines)... all locally made!

The class will include a demo on making yogurt using live cultures, a discussion of other fermented dairy products (and a free starter for making dairy kefir for those interested), and you will go home with a pint of homemade yogurt to use as a starter for your first home batch.   Come and be a part of the fermenting ferver in the Bayview!  

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