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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Zero Shootings in the SE Neighborhoods Petition

From BRITE, a petition that I think we can all sign-on to at change.org:
The past few weeks have seen more than a dozen instances of gun violence in Bayview and Visitacion Valley. At least four of these shootings have resulted in deaths. 
The City's current efforts towards controlling gun violence in these neighborhoods are not working. Residents feel that the City accepts a level of violence in these neighborhoods that would not be allowed anywhere else. 
We are calling for the City of San Francisco to adopt a goal of Zero Shootings citywide and to adopt the following strategies to achieve this goal. 
  • Increase placement of gunfire locator units.
  • Commit to prosecuting every gun-related charge for which there is sufficient evidence (beyond a reasonable doubt) and physical evidence such as
  • fingerprints, video or a gunshot residue test confirming a suspect's guilt.
  • Commit to investigating every report of gunfire or activation of a gunfire locator unit as if it is an emergency.
  • Commit to identifying the principal sources of firearms in Bayview and Visitacion Valley.  
The sheer number of guns taken from the street suggest that there must be significant weapon trafficking to our neighborhoods. 
We urgently request that the Mayor, the Chief of Police and the District Attorney meet with Bayview Residents Improving Their Environment (BRITE) and immediately begin implementing plans for a goal of Zero Shootings in the Southeastern Neighborhoods. We look forward to working with you.

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