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Friday, October 22, 2010

Even more money

The amount of money floating into these campaigns is astonishing.

Read more at the SFBG and The Bay Citizen.

Recall that Moss isn't the only candidate benefiting from Republican contributions like those from rent control overturn advocates Coates and Zacks. Although these numbers are huge, Lynette Sweet also has that sweet campaign office rent of $100/mo courtesy of the Vidovich family. Read more at Beyond Chron, SFBG, and Muckey.


  1. I didn't know Moss was a Republican?

    Makes sense now why he seems to avoid taking a position on anything or answering any questions directly.

  2. I'm Steve Moss and I want your apartment.

    Seems like the tenant union knew something we didn't and hence the mailer last week.

    Interesting part is that in previous elections you didn't know where the money was coming from till after the election, different game now as it is all reported immediately.

    I guess we all now know who's pocket Moss is in and who he owes favors to.

    Think it will be a horror if he by chance wins.


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