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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

District 10 Cliffhanger - BeyondChron

Rochelle Metcalf at BeyondChron addresses the elephant in the room regarding the community candidates who've come close to shooting themselves in the foot with regard to electing a Black Supervisor. Sometimes passion and grit aren't enough to warrant a person running for office. If the African American candidates were so concerned about ensuring that we ended up with an African American supervisor, then they should have realized the futility of their own campaigns and gotten behind the front-runners early on and dropped out of the race themselves. This ended up seeming more like a vanity event for most. Most people have to suck it up and realize that their talents are better served in the background or on the ground as opposed to in the Supervisor's office. I for one think that Marlene Tran's strong showing this time around means that for the seat not to be taken by a Chinese candidate next time, the Black community will have to rally hard behind one person, and the vanity candidates will have to be OK with that. Watch out for Teresa Duque to make a comeback in four years with the real (and scary) prospect of winning unless there's a strong challenger.

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