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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Malia's illegal signs get illegaller

Do none of the candidates believe in the rule of law? Get your frickin signs away from our polling places, Malia!!!


  1. Her union thugs took down all of eric smith's signs (her number two), DeWitt LAcy's, And Steve Moss signs. I Hope it backfires on her.

  2. Actually, all the signs I've seen in the Bayview are illegal. Smith, Wesley-Smith (the absolute worst offender), Morris, Cohen. Every one illegal. It totally pisses me off.

  3. I just took down two Diane Wesley Smith signs not fifty feet from a polling place. Shame on you, Diane!

  4. Is it possible some of these signs went up before the polling place was opened - days, even weeks ago - put there by poll workers who were handed a stack of signs and told to put them on telephone poles? Just wondering if this is nefarious intent, willful ignorance, or honest incompetence. In fact, are the candidates able to know in advance where polling places will be?

  5. Polling place locations are well known to all candidates well in advance of election day, so this is a willful ignorance of the law on the part of the candidates, who are totally responsible for the actions of their over-zealous volunteers in this regard.

  6. Malia Cohen had folks with signs outside of the Neighborhood House and outside of Saint Gregory's.

    I found this blatant disrespect of voting to be very offensive.


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