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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Supes take BVHP Tour - IndyBay

This article by Francisco Da Costa expresses the anger and frustration that many in the Bayview feel with regard to a continued environmental racism in how the BVHP Shipyard Redevelopment project is proceeding.  I for one expect our elected officials to make sure that we're getting the clean-up that we were promised, and if not, that those who are supposed to be responsible for doing it have their feet held to the fire until it's done right. I'd like for our new Supervisor to have been there on this latest tour, along with our out-going Supervisor, as a demonstration of their commitment to seeing this massive project be done as properly and transparently as possible.  If Ms Cohen hasn't already taken the 'toxic tour', then I hope she has one planned for the near future.  This project will, in many ways, define her tenure as our Supervisor much as it has that of Sophie Maxwell. (h/t Nyese Joshua)

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