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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Palega Recreation Center Artwork Proposals on Display

From the SF Arts Commission Website:
The San Francisco Arts Commission plans to implement two public art projects in conjunction with the renovation of the Palega Recreation Center: one to be located outdoors and one for the building’s interior. A total of five artists were selected by the Palega Recreation Center Artist Selection Panel to create artwork proposals for these two opportunities. The artists Scott Oliver, Rebar Group and the team of Peter Richards and Susan Schwartzenberg have created proposals for an outdoor artwork. The artists Jeffrey Long, Scott Oliver and Kelly Ording have created proposals for large scale, two-dimensional integrated artwork inside the Recreation Center. Come see the public art proposals while they are on view at the Palega Recreation Center and provide us with feedback in the comment book located at the Center. Your opinions will be shared with the selection panel before one proposal is chosen for implementation.
Proposals can be viewed at the Pegala Rec Center, 500 Felton St., until the 20th, or they can be downloaded from the SF Arts Commission website at:

Outdoor Artwork Opportunity:
Scott Oliver
Peter Richards/Susan Schwartzenberg
Interior Artwork Opportunity:
Jeffrey Long
Scott Oliver
Kelly Ording

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