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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Help-Portrait at Bayview Opera House

Help-Portrait is a movement among photographers doing portraits of people that aren't able to afford traditional avenues of family portraiture. This could be single mothers, orphans, the lonely, the sick, people in 3rd World Countries, your Neighbor, the homeless.

First Exposures is doing their own Help-Portrait at the Bayview Opera House at 4705 Third St. on December 10. They are starting now to take reservations for portraits to be taken that day.   They also still need lots of help and support to make this Help-Portrait a huge success. Their goal is to photograph 200-300 families in 5 hours! Thanks to ProCamera Rental for donating all of the lighting needs for the day! Thanks to Orange Photography for donating a dye-sub printer for the day!  There's still more they need so please be in touch. You can email them at firstexposures@sfcamerawork.org if you want to volunteer or find out more.

First Exposures is a unique mentoring program that uses art education to develop transferable skills and foster supportive intergenerational relationships between artists and under-served Bay Area youth. Students and mentors meet weekly for a year and work toward a final project, which in the past has included exhibitions, public billboards, and the book First Exposures

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