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Saturday, October 30, 2010

D10 Politics in the News This Week

Right on Target - SFGate

Local Hiring Key Issue in SF District 10 Race - Bay Citizen

Progressives in Trouble in District 10 Supervisor Race - Beyond Chron

Cash not Care - SFBG

San Francisco's wide-open District 10 race - SFGate

Danny Glover Robo Calls for DeWitt Lacy - SFBG

Steve Moss - The Big Duck - SFBG


  1. How does BeyondChron determine who the leaders are without polling? Seems weird to me.

  2. I wonder how "any" news source knows who is leading the D10 race without actually polling. Seems suspect. I would like to see their polling results published online.

  3. I think it's armchair journalism. The only polls I know of have been done internally by candidates or by independent committees supporting a particular candidate. Not exactly unbiased.

  4. The very sad and disgusting part of this election is that if Malia Cohen had half the dirt that Moss has unanswered on him it would be in every paper, every blog, every day.

    The Chronicle, or local news, hasn't touched the Moss story and if he gets elected it sadly shows undeniable racism, plus double standards, and that however dirty you are you can basically buy a local election, pretty darn depressing.

    Our political system is sadly very broken.

  5. To Anonymous of October 29, 2010 8:20 AM -

    What would you say if Sweet wins?

  6. Anyone notice that the SFBG site seems to have been hacked over the weekend.

    Interesting timing that the site is hacked and taken down three days before a very divisive election.


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