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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SFPD Monthly Meeting Recap

Below is a friend's recap of SFPD Bayview Station's Monthly Meeting, held March 6, 2012 at 201 Williams St. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, often at the police station. The captain has often said he's happy to change location to accommodate and reach out to other parts of the district. If you have a space in your neighborhood that could accommodate the police captain's meeting, contacting the captain is the way to proceed.

Captain Chignell opened the meeting and talked about:
  • any neighborhood groups that want to have a police officer come to their meetings should call the station to request it 
  • the meetings of city departments at the station to discuss ongoing problems in the district and to prioritize actions
    the station's tri-weekly newsletter reaches 5000 people
    the fire that began at 1881 Oakdale Ave Saturday night, and how two men, one from the area, the other from the Tenderloin, pretended to be victims, donned Red Cross blankets, and proceeded to burglarize the fire victims' homes. The men were surrounded by police, and so they were easily caught.

SFMTA were there again last evening, and everyone was very happy with the results stemming from last month's meeting. Enforcement on the homeless camps, double parking, etc were discussed and SFMTA were given a round of applause. They noted that officers who lived in the area were no longer
enforcing traffic infractions against their own neighbors, and there are new officers assigned who now travel in teams for safety. They canvassed all the areas that had been complained about, and everyone was happy. There is another round of enforcement coming. A few neighbors brought up their own
parking issues, with one resident complaining about the unfairness of SFMTA officers ticketing their cars for double parking.

Barbara Ockel from the Bayview Opera House passed out surveys and asked everyone things they would like to see at the Opera House. For those with ideas, please email her at barbara@bvoh.org. Many people spoke up and said they resist going there as it was too sketchy and they often don't feel safe walking through Mendell Plaza. Capt Chignell addressed that, as did Megan Hamilton from Supervisor Cohen's office, saying that there is action underway already to address that situation.

Folks from the Water Dept were there to give a quick speech and pass out surveys about the sewer system. The wastewater treatment plant on Jerrold at Phelps that was designed in the 1930's and built in the 50's is going to be rebuilt. People's main complaints mainly focused on the odor issues.

One resident brought up the safety issues relating to the car chase (pursuits, as Capt Chignell corrected) on Mendell the other night. All protocol was followed, according to the Captain. The injury to the pedestrian occurred after the suspects ditched the car and let it continue
to roll.

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