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Friday, April 13, 2012

The final city redistricting map?

04/11/12 Working Draft Map
It all comes down to tomorrow's 10AM meeting at City Hall, Rm 400, at which the redistricting task force will make it's map final.  In their latest working draft, I'm happy to see that they've moved the last Portola precinct into D9 with the rest of the neighborhood, but am not as pleased that the new UCSF hospital and waterfront between Mariposa and Channel Sts are in D6.  Also, D1 and D2, are pushing the "under" limits at -4.99% and -4.91%, respectively, while D9 and D11 are also close at 4.81% and 4.94% over.

As of today, this is what it looks like:

DISTRICT 10 – beginning at SF/Daly City border on the shoreline: west along SF/Daly City border to census block line just west of Red Leaf Ct: north following census block line, east at Walbridge, west at Geneva, north between McLaren Park and Crocker Amazon Playground, north following La Grande, east at Persia, east along Mansell, northeast at Wheat Street, north along Bay Shore Blvd, west at Cesar Chavez, north on Potrero, west at 20th Street, north on Bryant, east on Division, northeast at Townsend, southeast at 7th Street, east at 16th Street, south at Pennsylvania, south along I-280, east at Mariposa, north following Terry Francoise Street, east to shoreline.

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