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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SFCTA Quint St Closure Meeting

Top: Quint St Bridge
Bottom: Jerrold Ave Bridge
Wednesday, April 25, 6pm

Southeast Community Facility, Alex Pitcher Room
1800 Oakdale Ave

The SFCTA is holding another meeting tomorrow night regarding the permanent closure of Quint St at the Caltrain bridge.  If you were unable to attend Saturday’s open house, please consider attending tomorrow night and voicing your opinions. 

The SFCTA has $25M allocated to this project.  They will be showing options for the replacement of the bridge, which include:
  • a $25-30M option: permanent closure of Quint St using a 20’ high earthen berm (~$20M) and the possibility (not certainty) of a narrow connector road, flanked to the west by the back of new Produce Market buildings, and to the east by the rail tracks atop the existing berm, from Quint to Jerrold, ($5-10M);
  • a $25M option: replacement of the bridge “in-kind”, allowing Quint St to remain open and traffic to flow as it does today
  • a $30-35M option: replacement of the bridge with one that would allow Quint St to remain open and would provide for a proposed future (15-20 years from now) station at Oakdale

They will also be there to answer questions on the timeframe for a possible Oakdale Caltrain station, the planning and decision-making process, the timeline for getting this work completed, and cost estimates for the various options presented.

Quint-Jerrold Connector
The connector road would eliminate the left-turn option for the 25% of drivers who turn from Quint St onto Jerrold (toward the Produce Market).  For the majority of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians who turn right from Quint onto Jerrold, the connector road would add 1/8-mi to their travels.  Since this option could cost up to $30M, and because the bridge replacement, not the connector road, is the primary concern, extra money may need to be procured in order to complete the connector road. Until then, access would be diverted over to the already busy Phelps St.

The bridge replacement in-kind is fully funded and does not alter or disrupt existing traffic or neighborhood access conditions.

The bridge replacement w/ station capacity could be done for as low as $30M, the same as the potential cost of the berm/connector option.

If unable to attend this meeting you can still voice your opinion or ask questions by calling: 650.622.7845 or emailing: info@leblancassociates.com.
For special needs assistance or translation services, please call 415.593.1670
Para ayuda especial o servicios de traducción por favor llame al 415.593.1670
如或需要特殊協助或翻譯服務,請電 415.593.1670

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