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Friday, June 8, 2012

Bayview's All Good Pizza's New Hours

So often, I'd end my day with a dream of coming home from work on the T-Third, all tired and not wanting to cook, looking for an awesome pizza I could pick up along the way.  I'd think, man, it would be so awesome if All Good Pizza was open late or on the weekends.

Well, my dream has come true!!  Matt and Kristin have new summer hours and will be open late Friday nights (until 10PM!!) and on the weekend!  Woo Hoo!!

And it's not just their pizza that we love.  Check this out from their website:

Students of the 94124 can bring their reports cards and with a B average, receive free ice cream. Want to bring your friends?  If they're also doing well, we'll throw you your own ice cream party.

All Good Pizza is located in the Bayview,  at the southwest corner of Jerrold and Third St.  Look for the trailer, the plants, and throngs of people eating yummy pizza!

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