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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Potrero Hill Dogpatch Green Benefit District

The Potrero Hill Dogpatch Green Benefit District (GBD) aims to create a new revenue stream out of taxes on local residents, with funds directed exclusively toward parks, streetscape, and all things greening in the Potrero Hill Dogpatch neighborhoods.  Organizers have been meeting since November, but as with all things, there were some, and maybe many people who hadn't heard anything about the proposals until the survey went live a few weeks ago.

One such Potrero Hill resident was former State Senator John Burton.  Last week, Burton wrote to GBD Steering Committee Co-Chairs Bruce Huie, Jean Bogiages, and Tony Kelly, asking for more details about the proposal.  The Green Benefit District's organizers have recently posted a comprehensive response to Mr. Burton's concerns on their website.

The questions Burton asks show his concerns over how much tax the GBD is looking to collect; if neighbors could opt-out; how it would be collected; how it would be spent; if renters get to vote on the establishment of the GBD; and if property owners don't live in Potrero Hill/Dogpatch, are they allowed to vote on projects?  To read Mr Burton's full list of questions, check out his letter.

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