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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dinner at CDXX

Last night was our weekly dinner with friends, and we decided instead of doing delivery at home that we would head down to CDXX at 5800 Third St.

The menu isn't huge, but for a new restaurant that's completely understandable. On the menu last night were BBQ ribs with a side of mixed veggies and homemade fries and either seared mahi-mahi or seared tofu in a pineapple sauce with a side of mixed veggies and rice.

The food was delicious and for $10/dish, we felt the entire meal was awesome. 

Mahi-mahi @CDXX
For dessert, we got one of their apple caramel pastries. While the flavors were really good, the pastry itself was a little chewy and I'm not sure we saw many apples in it. 

All in all, a good start to this week-old effort. It was good to see a few other diners in there as well.  The waitress mentioned that people living in the condos above had been extremely supportive if them, too.  

We felt like this was a place that we could go to once or twice a month, so hopefully they stick around a while. 

5800 Third St @Carroll
Open 6AM - 8PM
Serving morning coffee and breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Dinner items can be taken 'to go' too.

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