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Friday, January 21, 2011

SF Marijuana busts mostly in the Sunset, Ingleside and Bayview-Hunter’s Point

From KALW News,
Last month, we brought you partial statistics for marijuana grow busts by the San Francisco Police Department: roughly 13,500 plants worth an estimated $11.5 million were seized from 59 indoor grows from January through September of 2010.

SFPD Sgt. Mike Andraychak got back to us yesterday with the year-end tally from the Narcotics Division. And those last few months were fruitful. Approximately 19,000 plants were seized from 87 locations in total. The plants are work up to $15.7 million, although street prices for marijuana have since declined since SFPD provided us with their original figures (kudos to SF Weekly).

68 people were arrested in the raids, and 20 guns were seized. Thirty-two percent of the locations, or 27 sites, were electrical by-passes.

Here’s the geographic breakdown of the grow sites by police district. The heaviest concentration was in the city’s southern neighborhoods, from the Bayview to the Sunset. The Sunset (located in SFPD’s Taraval District has been popular among growers for some time now, possibly because of the neighborhood’s detached houses, isolation and relatively low crime rate.

Here is the breakdown by district of 66 sites – the remaining 21 sites raided by SFPD were either “secondary” locations or were located outside of San Francisco County, according to Sgt. Andraychak of the Media Relations unit.

* Taraval District: 26

* Bayview District: 16

* Ingleside District: 10
* Richmond District: 6
* Park District: 4
* Mission District: 4
Read more at KALW

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