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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bayview Newsletter from Captain Greg Suhr


Captain Greg Suhr
February 4, 2011

Bayview Station holds community meetings with Captain Suhr on the first
Tuesday of each month. All are welcome to attend!

The next meeting is on Tuesday,
March 1st, 6:00 pm

Bayview Community Room, 201 Williams Ave. (cross street Newhall )



On January 30th at 8PM, Bayview Officers responded to the 900 block of
Connecticut regarding a call of a shooting. Upon arrival they located
the 33 year old male victim with a gunshot wound to the torso.
Paramedics responded and rendered aid. The victim was transported to
SFGH where, unfortunately, his injuries proved fatal.

Bayview officers on scene conducted an investigation that led to the
arrest of the suspect and the recovery of the suspected weapon within
hours of the incident.

(SFPD Case # 110093238)

Incidents of Interest:

Bayview Station is deeply committed to everything we can to see that the
district’s two year trend in the reduction of homicides continues for a
third year and beyond. In the first 35 days of 2011, Bayview cops have
already taken 11 guns off the streets of our district. Every gun we
seize is a potential tragedy averted. Here are a few of those incidents:

On January 4th at 7:50 PM, Bayview units responded to the area of
Ingalls and Fitzgerald regarding a shooting that had just occurred. Two
victims with gunshot wounds were located and transported to S.F.G.H
where they were treated for their (thankfully) non-life threatening
injuries. While certain units were securing the scene and collecting
evidence, others were scouring the area in search of witnesses. These
officers got a description of the suspect vehicle and immediately had
headquarters put a “B.O.L” (Be On the Lookout) for the vehicle within
our city as well as neighboring counties.

Within 20 minutes, a Daly City unit notified our dispatch that they had
stopped a vehicle matching the description our officers provided within
their city limits at Whitter and Mission Sts. Numerous Bayview units
responded, bringing a witness to the incident with them, to conduct a
cold show on the vehicle and occupants. The vehicle and its driver were
positively identified.

A search of the vehicle revealed a loaded .45 caliber handgun AND
a .loaded 9mm semi-automatic pistol. The driver and all five passengers
were transported to Bayview Station where they were identified and
interviewed. As a result, two of the suspects were booked that evening
with an investigation on the remaining subjects still on going. (SFPD
Case # 110011694)


On January 21st at 7:45PM, Bayview Housing Officers Hildebrand, Correa,
Pashby, and Martinez responded to the 1200 block of Revere to disperse a
crowd that had formed around a fist fight between several individuals.
As they drove on Hawes approaching Revere, they saw a subject walking
away from the area. The subject appeared agitated and a bit tattered,
causing the officers to believe that he had been involved in the very
fight that they were responding to quell.

As they drove up to the suspect, he put his hand inside his jacket
pocket and grabbed onto something. Officer Martinez recognized the
outline of the “something” that formed as the fabric of the jacket
stretched around the suspect’s grip (and Officer Martinez has seen his
fair share of guns in all means of concealment).

Martinez yelled out a warning to his fellow officers, the sound of which
equated to that of starter pistol to the suspect. He immediately took
off running with our officers in pursuit, never once removing his hand
from his jacket pocket, continuously glancing behind him to gauge the
location of the cops. Eventually, the disheartening realization that he
was not about to outrun them came over him and he dropped to the ground
to surrender. This was only after he attempted to ditch the gun. It’s
not quite clear why he even tried since the officers never lost sight of
him as he ran; which also meant that they never lost sight of his hand
which they clearly observed removing that gun from his pocket and
tossing it into an alcove on the 1200 block of Quesada….. (Oh well, one
should never lose hope, right?). He was booked at Bayview Station. The
gun, of course, was recovered and booked in as well. (SFPD Case #


On January 21st at 8:45PM, Officers Cader and Gummo responded to a Shot
Spotter activation on George Ct. The Shot Spotter is a sophisticated
system of satellite dishes arranged around the city that are tuned to
recognize the sound of gunfire and pinpoint it’s location of origin.
This information is immediately relayed to law enforcement for rapid

The officers parked on Oakdale and approached the location on foot. They
saw a car with three occupants parked at the dead end of George Ct. They
snuck up and concealed themselves behind a 4’ concrete wall with the car
in question just a stones throw away. They could not only see the
occupants clearly, but hear their conversation as the windows on the car
were rolled down. The subject in the driver’s seat was fidgeting with
something in his lap as the front and rear passengers were leaning in to
look. The officers saw the subject pull on the item and simultaneously
heard the ominous sound of a gun being charged. This is not a sound that
can be mistaken for anything else. If you are wondering what it sounds
like, you have undoubtedly heard it before in the movies. It’s when the
slide is pulled back and suddenly released on a semi-auto to bring a
round into the chamber. Its sounds just like that in real life.
Anyway, that sound was enough to raise the hair on the necks of the
officers so they immediately emerged from their hiding spot to confront
the suspects at gunpoint. The two passengers quickly yielded to the
command to show their hands. The suspect in the driver’s seat, however,
refused and continued to manipulate the item he was holding. The
officers gave orders over and over for him to show them his hands. Each
time he refused and at one point began to lean down into the car (which
is heart stopping for officers, by the way). Eventually, after about 45
seconds of non- compliance, which no doubt felt a lot longer to the
cops, the suspect also raised two empty hands. What a relief / that'll

By then, other units were on scene and were able to take all three
subject into custody without further incident. The .45 caliber handgun
was located on the floorboard of the car, cocked with the hammer back,
and a magazine (the cartridge that holds the bullets) laying across it.
Yikes! (Case #110065550)


Consumer Fraud Prevention Tip:

“Every home should have a shredder; do NOT throw financial or
personal documents (bank statements or income tax returns, for
example) in the garbage but rather, ensure that they are shredded.


Items Of Community Interest:


The UCSF School of Dentistry will offer free cleanings, exams, dental
sealants and fluoride treatments as part of the nationwide “Give Kids a
Smile Day.” Each child will receive a free toothbrush, toothpaste and
floss. UCSF faculty, volunteer dentists and dental students will
provide free dental screenings to satisfy the Kindergarten/1st Grade
Oral Health Assessment Bill requirements. Services will be offered to
children ages four to 17 on a first-come basis.

Saturday, February 5th, 9a.m. - 3 p.m.

Please arrive before noon to be assured of service!

UCSF School of Dentistry, 707 Parnassus Ave, San Francisco

Please arrive before noon to be assured of service!

Despite tremendous declines in childhood cavities, tooth decay remains
the single most common chronic disease of childhood. The day is part of
a citywide effort to improve oral hygiene and awareness, especially for
families with children. The UCSF School of Dentistry is widely regarded
as a premier U.S. dental school and is a national leader in addressing
pediatric oral health issues, including efforts to reach traditionally
underserved populations with high rates of pediatric dental caries.

Questions? E-mail: smilesforkids@gmail.com


Graffiti Advisory Board
Clean Team 2011 Kicks Off on February 12th !

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and you are encouraged
to check out all the great volunteer events and programs that the City
has to offer. Come to the Clean Team's 2011 inaugural event in Chinatown
on February 12th. It all starts at 9am at the Ping Yuen Housing
Development, 838 Pacific Avenue (at Powell). With your help, it will be
a fun and meaningful cleanup.
If you haven't already, please take a minute to Take the Zero Graffiti
Pledge and forward to others who may be interested. Clean Team is always
looking for new members in their cause to keep this great city beautiful
and livable!

Check out the 2011 Volunteer Calendar and other volunteer opportunities
at DPW.
| Report Graffiti When You See It |
| Remember: |
| Call 311, when you see graffiti on public or private property. Or report |
| graffiti online. |
| Call 911, when you see graffiti vandalism in action. |
| If you witness someone tagging on MUNI, notify the MUNI bus driver |
| immediately and call 911. |
| You may also 'tweet' your images of graffiti to @sfdpw and @sf311. |
| |
| Upcoming Events: |
| February 10 Graffiti Advisory Board meets, 3:30pm, 30 Van Ness, open to|
| public |
| February 12 Community Clean Team, District 2 & 3, 9am, 838 Pacific |
| February 19 Chinese New Year Parade, 6pm |
| March 12 Community Clean Team, District 1, 9am, Washington High |
| School |
|March 20 Sunday Streets 2011 Kicks Off, Free Wall on The |
|Embarcadero, 11am-4pm |



Department of Children, Youth & Families will be hosting input sessions
in Bayview Hunters Point. These community sessions are space where the
community can really be heard and represented.

Please spread the word about the next Violence Prevention Planning
Community Input Sessions taking place at:

Tuesday, February 8, 5:30-7PM - Thurgood Marshall High School at 45
Conkling St.

Tuesday February 15, 5:30-7PM - Malcolm X Academy at 350 Harbor Road.

This is a great opportunity for the community to come forward and speak
up about how to stop the violence and thrive towards peaceful
neighborhoods in our city. Everybody is welcomed and encouraged to
participate: parents, home owners, renters, service providers,
merchants, students, everybody.

More info: Contact Veronica Martinez at vmartinez@dcyf.org or
S.F. Police Activities League Law Enforcement Cadets
Summer Cadet Academy 2011


What is the PAL Cadet Program?

􀂛 4-week intensive law enforcement training at the SF Police Academy

􀂛 Up to 50 new cadets will be selected

􀂛 June 13th - July 8th, M-F, 9am-3pm

􀂛 Graduates immediately eligible for internships at SFPD
stations/bureaus and PAL Cadet activities

Applications due Friday, April 22nd at 5:00pm

Download a complete application at www.SFPAL.org/Cadets

Cadets@SFPAL.org 415*401*4666

The PAL Law Enforcement Cadet program started in San Francisco in 1959.
Since then, hundreds of San Francisco youth, including many who have
chosen to pursue law enforcement or public service careers, have
developed new leadership and career skills as a PAL Cadet.

Following successful completion of the PAL Summer Cadet Academy,
graduates will be placed in a year-long internship position at an SFPD
station or bureau. Additionally, PAL Cadets meet bi-weekly for training
and community service activities such as:

Education in proper police procedures and techniques, participate in
police ride-alongs and assist in charitable and civic events alongside

PAL Law Enforcement Cadets engage in activities centered on the five
emphasis areas of the Learning for Life program: career and job skills
development, leadership experience, life skills learning, character
education and community service.

Minimum qualifications: must be between ages 14-20, be enrolled in high
school or college and completed 9th grade, have and maintain a 2.0 GPA,
reside or attend school in San Francisco and pass a criminal history
background check,

Want to learn more?



WHO: Jumpstart Community Corps
WHAT: Looking for volunteers to mentor local preschool children
WHERE: Preschools in BVHP
WHEN: mid-January to mid-June
CONTACT: Kristal Brister at 415-536-5867 x108,

NOTES: Jumpstart is currently looking for adult volunteers to mentor
preschool children in 4 local preschool sites. Please contact us if you
or someone you know would like to make a difference in a child’s life.
Volunteers will be trained in how to best work with preschool children
in their developmental stages, and will be supported by a strong team of
peers and a volunteer manager. In addition, a stipend is provided based
on volunteer position. Volunteers should be available for one of the
following session times: Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday:

Wednesday/Friday: 2-5pm. Volunteer positions: Corps Member position:
Volunteers 6 hours a week at the preschool site. Team Leader position:
Volunteer 6-10 hours per week at the preschool.


This section includes: presentations, workshops, classes, and study
groups, and book club

WHO: Bayview Renaissance
WHAT: Business workshops
WHERE: Continuous
WHEN: 3801 Third Street, Suite 616, San Francisco, CA 94124
CONTACT: 415-647-3728 ext. 402

NOTES: The best way to learn about all of the programs and services we
offer at our Bayview site is to attend the Bayview "Launching Your
Business" course. To do so, contact us! http://www.rencenter.org

WHO: Bayview Opera House
WHAT: Black History 7 week Drama Workshop
WHERE: Bayview Opera House, 4705 Third St, San Francisco, CA 94124
WHEN: Workshops start Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 until Saturday,
February 19, 2011
CONTACT: Mary Booker, 415-516-6562 or marylbooker@msn.com, Bayview Opera
House, 415-824-0386, info.bvoh@bvoh.org

NOTES: Class Fee: 200 includes 7 weeks of workshop, 10% discount if you
register before the first class. Scholarships are available contact
Bayview Opera House for information.

WHO: Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services
WHAT: Neighborhood Emergency Response Training (NERT)
WHERE: City-wide
WHEN: January and February 2011
CONTACT: Mayor’s Office, 415-554-7111

NOTES: The 20 hour training consists of six class sessions that are
approximately 3 hours each.

NERT classes are free to the public and you may attend at any location.
Enrollment is limited, to enroll call 415- 970-2024 or sign up at

WHO: (SMASH) Summer Math and Science Honors Academy
WHAT: Applications for SMASH Summer 2011
WHERE: Online at www.lpfi.org/smash
WHEN: Applications due by February 27, 2011
CONTACT: julian@lpfi.org

NOTES: The SMASH Academy is looking for first generation students who
are interested in math and science and want to accelerate their skills
and experience being a college student.

WHO: SF Public Library, Bayview Branch
WHAT: Free SAT Classes
WHERE: For schedule, information and registration go to
WHEN: For schedule, information and registration go to
CONTACT: info@successlinktutoring.com

NOTES: This year, the library will be hosting two SAT workshops: a 10
hour and a 3 hour SAT intensive.

WHO: Civil Grand Jury

WHAT: San Francisco Chapter Juror’s Association outreach presentations
to recruit new participants
WHERE: Varies, city wide outreach
WHEN: October 2010 through March 2011
CONTACT: To set up an information presentation date, e-mail
cgjassn@gmail.com or call Karen at 415-922-5300

NOTES: The San Francisco Chapter of the California Grand Jurors’
Association is now beginning to schedule education and outreach
presentations for neighborhood groups, business associations, religious
bodies or any other group can schedule a presentation by past civil
grand jurors.

An outreach presentation can explain the application process for
citizens interested in serving on the civil grand jury; answer questions
about the time commitment; and how issues are selected

WHO: Bayview TLC Family Resource Center program of the Bayview YMCA
WHAT: Substance Abuse Education
WHERE: Bayview YMCA, 1601 Lane Street, 2nd Floor, SF CA 94124
WHEN: Women’s Class – Monday 4:30 – 6:30pm & Men’s Class – Thursday 6:00
– 8:00pm
CONTACT: Emanuel Hepburn, (415) 822-9404 Ext. 240

NOTES: This support group will focus on Relapse Prevention and learning
skills to aid in your sobriety and/or recovery. Referral to residential
or outpatient treatment programs.

WHO: Bayview TLC Family Resource Center a program of the Bayview YMCA
WHAT: Parenting Education (14 weeks)
WHERE: Bayview YMCA, 1601 Lane Street, 2nd Floor, SF CA 94124
WHEN: Tuesdays 10:00am – 12:00pm & Tuesdays 6:00 – 8:00pm
CONTACT: Faye Henderson, (415) 822-9404 ext. 236

NOTES: This course is a certified program by the SFDHS and San Francisco
Family Court

WHO: Bayview TLC Family Resource Center a program of the Bayview YMCA
WHAT: Healing Circle Support Group
WHERE: Bayview YMCA, 1601 Lane Street, 2nd Floor, SF CA 94124
WHEN: Wednesdays 10:00am – 12:00pm
CONTACT: Faye Henderson, (415) 822-9404 ext. 236

NOTES: This is a voluntary support group focusing on promoting a "deep
personal sense of inner peace" though non- medicinal practices and

WHO: Bayview TLC Family Resource Center a program of the Bayview YMCA
WHAT: Life Skills Support Group (limited space)
WHERE: Bayview YMCA, 1601 Lane Street 2nd Floor, SF CA 94124
WHEN: Wednesdays 5:30 – 7:30 pm
CONTACT: Nicole Avist, MSW (415) 822-9404 ext. 238

NOTES: This course will focus learning and re-learning necessary skills
for everyday survival; stress management, money management, learning
about community resources, employment and vocational opportunities, and

WHO: Bayview Beacon @ Burton High school
WHAT: Youth Dancercise Program
WHERE: 400 Mansell Street, SF CA 94134 in the Dance Room
WHEN: Every Thursdays 4:00pm- 5:30pm CONTACT: Nicole at 415.469.4550

NOTES: Youth should wear comfortable clothing and shoes because we will
be dancing our way to fitness!!! No experience needed! The goal of this
program is to get in shape, build confidence and have fun while doing

WHO: Bayview YMCA
WHAT: Zumba Classes
WHERE: 1601 Lane Street, Gymnasium, SF CA 94124
WHEN: Every Thursday at 6pm and every Saturday at 10:30am
CONTACT: Michael Bennett at 415-794-9274 or mbennett@ymcasf.org, or
Gigi, Instructor 415-235-8185


2011 Community Court Schedule for Bayview
City College of San Francisco at 1400 Evans
Mondays @ 1PM
February 7, March 7, April 11, May 9, June 6, July 11, September
12, October 17, November 14, December 12.
There will be no hearings in August.

Safety Tips
A Message from SF Safe:

Watch streets become communities, and neighbors become friends. Watch
crime go down, as security goes up. Watch police become partners as you
join with them in making your neighborhood a better place to live. Start
a Neighborhood Watch on your block and see all these things happen and
more! SF SAFE (Safety Awareness for Everyone) will give you the
knowledge and tools to create a stronger, more cohesive and resilient
community, and teach you how to be prepared and empowered at work, on
the streets or sidewalks, and in your home. Contact SF SAFE at
415-553-1966 or learn more at www.sfsafe.org.



Non-Emergency: 553-0123
Customer Service Center: 311, for TTY,
or outside SF dial 415-701-2323

Emergency: 911 or 553-8090 (with cell phone)
Bayview Station: 671-2300
Captain Greg Suhr 671-2300 Email: greg.suhr@sfgov.org
Anonymous Tip-Line 822-8147 Bayview Station’s Voicemail
SFPD Anon Tip Line 575-4444 Live person 24-hrs a day

Crime Stats:
Graffiti Abatement 278-9454
Graffiti Fax 278-9456
Internet reporting www.sfgov.org/police
Bayview Events: 671-2302 Sergeant Ava
Bayview Permits: 671-2313 Officer Tim Dalton
Code Abatement: 671-2302 Officer Tim Dalton
Deputy City Attorney: 554-3874 Yvonne Mere
Dept. Parking & Traffic: 553-1943

DPW: 695-2020 Dispatch
Quality of Life Liaison: 671-2300 Officer Melvin Thornton
SF SAFE 553-1984
Abandoned Auto 850-9737 Off Rodriguez (Mon- Fri 7-3 PM)
Homeless Issues: 850-9740 Off. S. Lavin
Third Street Beat: 671-2300 Officer Singh, Officer Gillies
San Bruno Avenue: 671-2300 Officer Percy Hernandez
Bayview Narcotics 254-7197 Sgt. Schaffer & Sgt. Hart
Westbrook Development 509-1678 Officer Martinez & Pashby
Westbrook Development 806-8304 Officer Reynoso & Santiago
Potrero Hill Development 509-1408 Officer Rodatos & Cahill
Potrero Hill Development 987-6389 Officer Luedkte
Hunter’s View Devel 987-6569 Officer Chantal & Singleton
Hunter’s View Devel 509-1270 Officer Robinson & Dockery
Alice Griffith Develop. 269-4002 Officer Lamma & Ortiz
Alice Griffith Develop. 254-8703 Officer Correa & Hildebrand
Community Liaison 671-2302 Sergeant Garrick

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