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Friday, February 11, 2011

Bayview Newsletter from Captain Greg Suhr

Bayview District Weekly Newsletter


Captain Greg Suhr
February 11, 2011


The San Francisco Police Commission has begun the process of selecting
nominees to submit to Mayor Edwin Lee for the position of Chief of
Police for the San Francisco Police Department. The Commission invites
public participation in this process, including input from the public
on preferred qualities and characteristics for the next Chief of

Members of the public are welcome to provide public comment at the
Commission’s regularly scheduled meetings, and to submit written
materials to the Commission.

In addition, the Commission has scheduled the following events where
Commissioners will meet with members of the public and listen to input
regarding the qualities and characteristics sought in the next Chief of
Police. Two or three Commissioners will attend each event, which are
scheduled on these dates and locations:

Thursday, February 17, 2011, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.,
at the Southeast Community Facility located at 1800 Oakdale
The Southeast Community Facility Commission is providing the use
of the Alex Pitcher Jr. Community Room for the event.

• Thursday, February 24, 2011, from 6 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the San
Francisco LGBT Community Center located at 1800 Market Street. The San
Francisco LGBT Community Center is providing the use of its facility
for the event.

All members of the public are welcome to attend one or more of these
community events. REQUEST ACCOMODATION? For questions, please
contact the Police Commission Office at 415-553-1667.


Bayview Station holds community meetings with Captain Suhr on the first
Tuesday of each month. All are welcome to attend!

The next meeting is on Tuesday,

March 1st, 6:00 pm

Bayview Community Room, 201 Williams Ave. (cross street Newhall )


Incidents of Interest:

On January 7th at 12:30 PM, The Bayview Plainclothes Team was
patrolling in/around Harbor and Northridge because of the high crime
rate and gang activity associated with that area. While driving,
Officer Ellis looked out the rear window and observed a subject walking
who looked like a suspect believed to be wanted for questioning in a
homicide investigation. The officers made a u-turn in their apparently
not so inconspicuous unmarked vehicle (array of different antennae,
miscellaneous gadgetry protruding from the roofs, large and bulbous
spotlights springing from each side of the windshield, etc.)
Anyway, the suspect, doing the math: wanted for questioning in homicide
investigation + good street cops +u-turn=not good for me; grabbed hold
of his waist band, did a quick 180, and off to the races he went. He
was holding his waist band the entire time in the form of a grip as the
officers gave chase. The whole "holding the waistband thing" is an
athletic move known to good street cops to indicate that suspects are
holding on to firearms so they do not fall as they run.
The officers’ commands to stop went unheeded as the suspect ran into a
residence on the unit block of Harbor, slamming the door in their faces
with a resonating clank as the deadbolt was thrown - how rude!...but
this story isn't over. The address that the subject ran into was known
as the home address of a notorious member of the local gang, and the
subject who ran into the residence was believed to be a close associate
and fellow gang member of the person who gets their mail at that
address. Being the gentlemen that all my officers are, they knocked on
the door. A female voice refused to open the door and yelled out of the
window that "nobody had run into her house" - she must have meant the
"nobody" the officers chased into the house. Due to the urgency
associated with the need to apprehend a possible homicide suspect, the
officers rammed the door open and searched the house for the
outstanding felon. The suspect was hiding in a bedroom and, after a
brief and futile effort to resist arrest, was taken into custody.
A search warrant subsequent to the arrest was secured and a search of
the residence commenced with the assistance of the Violent Crimes Task
Force. A loaded semi-auto .40 caliber handgun was located in the
bedroom closet and a loaded 30 round capacity magazine was found in the
kitchen. Various gang indicia and suspected counterfeit currency was
located in the house as well. To have this character off the street is
a very good thing. The suspect was booked at Bayview Station. (Case

On February 3rd at 12:40 AM, Officers Macias and Lee responded to an
auto dismantling business on the 300 block of Quint regarding a
burglary in progress. Other units responded as well to set up a
perimeter around the building to ensure that the suspect would not get
away. The owner of the business met with the officers and told them
that he had been on the second floor of the establishment overlooking
the yard when he saw a subject scale his fence and land inside the
yard. The owner had been burglarized before and had taken to spending
the night at the worksite in attempt to catch the thief in the act.
The kicker is that the owner believed he recognized this guy as the
same suspect who was arrested in a prior burglary incident and
subsequently served a stay away order from the business - this crook
was incorrigible! The officers searched the yard and found the intruder
in short order. Luckily for the suspect he had an excuse for being
there: he said that his car had run out of gas and that he jumped over
the fence into the yard because he needed to get some. C'mon now! (I
didn't say it was a good excuse I just said he had an excuse.....talk
about reaching)
The owner, after getting one close up look at the guy, confirmed that
it was in fact the repeat offender. He did a survey of the yard with
the officers and determined that six vehicle rims had been moved and
stacked in the north side of the yard apparently ready to be thrown
over the fence. Since this happened to be part and parcel of this
suspect’s preferred method when burglarizing this poor business man, it
led officers to believe that there was a vehicle on the other side of
that fence that these rims were destined to be loaded into....Bayview
cops can do the math too!
Sure enough, a waiting van was located on the corner of Custer and
Quint with the suspect’s lady friend waiting in the passenger seat.
Documents inside the van tied it to the suspect. There was also a work
uniform that belonged to the owner of the business in the back seat.
This uniform tied this suspect to a previous burglary. The suspect went
to jail that night on multiple felony charges. His friend, who was
found to have a warrant for her arrest, joined him.....separate rooms,
of course. (SFPD Case # 110102588)


Here’s a good one:
On January 13st at 8:35 AM, Inspector Whitfield was on his way to work
when he spotted a suspect break into a car on the 1000 block of
Bayshore - Bayview cops are never off duty.
The Inspector saw the suspect throw an item that shattered the
passenger side window of the car, reach in, and remove a duffle style
bag. Knowing that arrests of criminals, especially in hot pursuit,
please his Captain, the plain clothed Inspector in his personal car
followed the suspect (A suspect who had mounted a bicycle and ridden
away believing his crime had gone undetected).
Anyway, Whitfield caught up and, when the suspect stopped to look
inside the bag at the booty, Inspector Whitfield identified himself and
approached. The suspect dropped the bag and bike and took off on foot.
The Inspector, who was already at a disadvantage by not having any of
his gear, gave chase but lost him in the area of Carroll and Phelps.
All that chasing offered the Inspector a clear view of the suspect from
all different angles which he committed to memory. This served him well
about a week later.....
On January 21st at around noon, Officer Whitfield was finishing up
another investigation and driving back to the station. While on 3rd and
Carroll, he happened to glance over at the McDonalds on the corner - as
he always does ;) and guess who was sitting inside at the window seat,
having lunch with a girlfriend……Yep! You guessed it! The suspect from
the auto burglary!
The suspect who was too busy enjoying his fries to ever think that the
man who hurriedly entered the restaurant was there for anything other
than the #2 Special. It jarred his memory quick style however when the
handcuffs got slapped on. Whitfield was not about to chase this clown
twice. It turns out that the suspect was on parole as well, which added
an extra charge. He was booked at Chez Bayview. No word on if his
friend agreed to a rain check on the lunch date.
(SFPD Case # 110038513)

On February 5th at 2:45 PM, Officers Mayer and Ly were on patrol in the
area of 20th and Illinois when they observed a vehicle run a stop sign
so they pulled it over. When the driver rolled down his window, a cloud
of marijuana smoke escaped. The officers, smelling the distinct odor of
marijuana, removed the driver to search the car for the actual
substance. He handed them a small bag of marijuana from his pocket, in
hopes they might have no further interest in the car. Really?? C'mon,
these are Bayview cops - they searched on.
There was no more weed but there was an interesting discovery in the
trunk. The officers found an SKS carbine rifle. This type of weapon is
a specifically designated semi-automatic assault weapon, which is very
illegal. The suspect, who was not a local, also had a warrant for his
arrest out of Merced County. He was booked at Bayview Station. Gotta
believe a life (lives) was saved getting this cannon off the streets!
(Case #110109910)

Consumer Fraud Prevention Tip:

“Don’t click on links within emails that ask for your personal
information. Fraudsters use these links to lure people to phony Web
sites that looks just like the real sites of the company, organization,
or agency they’re impersonating. If you follow the instructions and
enter your personal information on the Web site, you’ll deliver it
directly into the hands of identity thieves. To check whether the
message is really is really from the company or agency, call it
directly or go to their Web site (Use search engine to find it). ”


Items Of Community Interest:

Small Businesses Owners :
Meet the new supervisors on Thursday, February 17th at the Old Mint.
Bring your colleagues and employees.
It's FREE with light hors d'eouvres, wine and other beverages.
Everyone is welcome .
More info: San Francisco Council of District Merchants Associations


Graffiti Advisory Board
Clean Team 2011 Kicks Off on February 12th !

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and you are
encouraged to check out all the great volunteer events and programs
that the City has to offer. Come to the Clean Team's 2011 inaugural
event in Chinatown on February 12th. It all starts at 9am at the Ping
Yuen Housing Development, 838 Pacific Avenue (at Powell). With your
help, it will be a fun and meaningful cleanup.
If you haven't already, please take a minute to Take the Zero Graffiti
Pledge and forward to others who may be interested. Clean Team is
always looking for new members in their cause to keep this great city
beautiful and livable!

Check out the 2011 Volunteer Calendar and other volunteer
opportunities at DPW.
|Report Graffiti When You See It |
| Remember : |
| Call 311, when you see graffiti on public or private property. Or report graffiti online . |
| Call 911, when you see graffiti vandalism in action. |
| If you witness someone tagging on MUNI, notify the MUNI bus driver immediately and call 911. |
| You may also 'tweet' your images of graffiti to @sfdpw and @sf311 . |
| |
| Upcoming Events: |
| February 12 Community Clean Team , District 2 & 3, 9am, 838 Pacific |
| February 19 Chinese New Year Parade , 6pm |
| March 12 Community Clean Team , District 1, 9am, Washington High School |
| March 20 Sunday Streets 2011 Kicks Off, Free Wall on The Embarcadero, 11am-4pm |


Department of Children, Youth & Families will be hosting input
sessions in Bayview Hunters Point. These community sessions are
space where the community can really be heard and represented.

Please spread the word about the next Violence Prevention
Planning Community Input Sessions taking place at:

Tuesday February 15, 5:30-7PM - Malcolm X Academy at 350 Harbor

This is a great opportunity for the community to come forward and
speak up about how to stop the violence and thrive towards
peaceful neighborhoods in our city. Everybody is welcomed and
encouraged to participate: parents, home owners, renters, service
providers, merchants, students, everybody.

More info: Contact Veronica Martinez at vmartinez@dcyf.org or


S.F. Police Activities League Law Enforcement Cadets
Summer Cadet Academy 2011


hat is the PAL Cet Program?

􀂛 4-week intensive law enforcement training at the SF Police

􀂛 Up to 50 new cadets will be selected

􀂛 June 13th - July 8th, M-F, 9am-3pm

􀂛 Graduates immediately eligible for internships at SFPD
stations/bureaus and PAL Cadet activities

Applications due Friday, April 22nd at 5:00pm

Download a complete application at www.SFPAL.org/Cadets

Cadets@SFPAL.org 415*401*4666

The PAL Law Enforcement Cadet program started in San Francisco in
1959. Since then, hundreds of San Francisco youth, including many
who have chosen to pursue law enforcement or public service
careers, have developed new leadership and career skills as a PAL

Following successful completion of the PAL Summer Cadet Academy,
graduates will be placed in a year-long internship position at an
SFPD station or bureau. Additionally, PAL Cadets meet bi-weekly
for training and community service activities such as:

Education in proper police procedures and techniques, participate
in police ride-alongs and assist in charitable and civic events
alongside SFPD.

PAL Law Enforcement Cadets engage in activities centered on the
five emphasis areas of the Learning for Life program: career and
job skills development, leadership experience, life skills
learning, character education and community service.

Minimum qualifications: must be between ages 14-20, be enrolled
in high school or college and completed 9th grade, have and
maintain a 2.0 GPA, reside or attend school in San Francisco and
pass a criminal history background check,

Want to learn more?

2011 Community Court Schedule for Bayview
City College of San Francisco at 1400 Evans
Mondays @ 1PM
March 7, April 11, May 9, June 6, July 11, September 12, October 17,
November 14, December 12.
There will be no hearings in August.

A Message from SF Safe:

Watch streets become communities, and neighbors become friends.
Watch crime go down, as security goes up. Watch police become
partners as you join with them in making your neighborhood a
better place to live. Start a Neighborhood Watch on your block
and see all these things happen and more! SF SAFE (Safety
Awareness for Everyone) will give you the knowledge and tools to
create a stronger, more cohesive and resilient community, and
teach you how to be prepared and empowered at work, on the
streets or sidewalks, and in your home. Contact SF SAFE at
415-553-1966 or learn more at www.sfsafe.org .




Non-Emergency: 553-0123
Customer Service Center: 311, for TTY,
or outside SF dial 415-701-2323
Emergency: 911 or 553-8090 (with cell phone)
Bayview Station: 671-2300
Captain Greg Suhr 671-2300 Email:
Anonymous Tip-Line 822-8147 Bayview Station’s
SFPD Anon Tip Line 575-4444 Live person 24-hrs a day
Crime Stats:
Graffiti Abatement 278-9454
Graffiti Fax 278-9456
Internet reporting www.sfgov.org/police
Bayview Events: 671-2302 Sergeant Ava
Bayview Permits: 671-2313 Officer Tim Dalton
Code Abatement: 671-2302 Officer Tim Dalton
Deputy City Attorney: 554-3874 Yvonne Mere
Dept. Parking & Traffic: 553-1943
DPW: 695-2020 Dispatch
Quality of Life Liaison: 671-2300 Officer Melvin
SF SAFE 553-1984
Abandoned Auto 850-9737 Off Rodriguez (Mon- Fri
7-3 PM)
Homeless Issues: 850-9740 Off. S. Lavin
Third Street Beat: 671-2300 Officer Singh,
Officer Gillies
San Bruno Avenue: 671-2300 Officer Percy Hernandez
Bayview Narcotics 254-7197 Sgt. Schaffer & Sgt.
Westbrook Development 509-1678 Officer Martinez &
Westbrook Development 806-8304 Officer Reynoso &
Potrero Hill Development 509-1408 Officer Rodatos &
Potrero Hill Development 987-6389 Officer Luedkte
Hunter’s View Devel 987-6569 Officer Chantal &
Hunter’s View Devel 509-1270 Officer Robinson & Dockery
Alice Griffith Develop. 269-4002 Officer Lamma
& Ortiz
Alice Griffith Develop. 254-8703 Officer Correa
& Hildebrand
Community Liaison 671-2302 Sergeant Garrick

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