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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown assures redevelopment funds for Hunters Point are safe

From San Francisco Examiner,
One of the concerns we pointed out in a story on Sunday about a city effort to rebuild eight of San Francisco’s most decrepit public housing developments was that one of the sites, Alice Griffith, depended on $40 million in matching redevelopment funds.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to cut redevelopment funds, however, led to some major concerns over major projects that have been years in the making -- such as the development of the old naval shipyard at Hunters Point.

But Brown’s office has come forward to assure Mayor Ed Lee and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom that The City’s plans for Bayview-Hunters Point can still count on the Redevelopment Agency for funding.

“As you know, our newest governor has decided or has a proposal out to eliminate redevelopment agencies,” said Karen Finn, a manager in Brown’s Department of Finance, in a statement. “But I think you’ve also heard [Governor Brown] say that his intention was never to undo or disrupt any significant projects that were under contract, under way.  So, I’m here also to add our support of the project and acknowledge that this is exactly what the redevelopment has been used for and is a good project.”

Lee said the news should put to rest any concern over redevelopment funding for Hunters Point while Newsom called it a “tremendous boost for the Bayview-Hunters Point community.

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