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Thursday, October 20, 2011

SFHDC Bayview Town Center Proposal

While this proposal has been around for a while, now that the T-Third MUNI is active, housing is being built and occupied along the corridor, and we now have a bona fide grocery store, there's been a renewal in discussion of reactivating the Bayview Town Center plan.  This information below is taken from a presentation given to me by Katherine Williams of SFHDC.

Bayview Town Center - Existing Conditions
Bayview Town Center 10-Step Road Map


For the Bayview Town center to bring 1000 people to Third Street every day by:
  • Managing the center as a campus 
  • Adding new, dynamic tenants and programming

  • Economic infusion to the neighborhood = more people on the street
  • New career training = jobs, jobs, jobs
  • New entertainment, education, and cultural opportunities on Third Street night and day
  • Residents and workers can buy local

Community Plan

The Town Center area was designated from the input from the hundreds of citizens who took part in the development of the Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Plan.

“The Town Center Activity Node is identified as a core commercial, cultural, dining and entertainment area, primarily on Third Street between Jerrold Avenue and Williams - Van Dyke Avenue. This area includes the Town Center Block, which would have consolidated community serving uses including arts and culture, education, and childcare.”

July 2004 - http://www.bvhp-pac.org/docs/ActivityNodes071504.pdf

Public money spent so far

Over the last 5 years San Francisco has spent $38 million to help build new buildings and make improvements to the city-owned buildings at the Bayview Town Center

Joe Lee Recreation Center
  • $5 million to rebuild and upgrade, completed 2007

Leola Havard School (formerly Burnett)
  • $5 million for ADA upgrades completed 2010
  • New elevator
  • Renovated childcare center

Bayview Opera House 
  • $3 million reserved to renovate plaza
  • Scheduled seismic upgrade, accessibility (ADA) modifications and bathroom addition

Providence Senior Apartments
  • $14 million In Federal and City funds to build 50 apartments for seniors

4800 Third Street
  • $11 million in SF Redevelopment funds to build affordable condos and commercial space

Where do we go from here?

Now the center needs a new type of investment, and needs to look at who’s already doing it and how?

SFHDC has researched example centers to create realistic goals
  • Manchester Bidwell Center, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Jackson Hole Art Center, Wyoming
  •  Lucie Stern Center, Palo Alto
New management structure SF Arts Commission, SF Rec & Park, and SFUSD contract with management company via a master lease agreement.  Existing tenants remain, evaluate & lease vacant space to new tenants, space improvements and upgrades, manage campus calendar of events and marketing

New Moves: consolidate, infill, convert, upgrade

Ten Area Focus

  • Consolidate parking and unify outdoor spaces
  • Convert School to a learning and workforce center
  • Expand gym programming and add shared support spaces – offices, public toilet, lockers
  • Upgrade Opera House to performance theater and add lobby, gallery, café, box office
  • Assist private property owners– Bishop family and SFHDC

1. Consolidate parking

Consolidate three current parking lots into one lot at Oakdale Ave and Lane St
  • Phase 1: Convert playground to surface parking
  • Phase 2: Build 200 car multi-level garage
2. One large continuous park
  • Unify outdoor spaces
  • Make visually connected over entire block and to Mendell plaza with similar benches, gates, etc
  • Create themed outdoor rooms
  • Example: Visitacion Valley Greenway
3. Convert school auditorium to multimedia center
  • Convert auditorium to film and gaming center with concessions
  • Video game and app testing and development
  • Film and music development
4. Convert school East Wing into learning center
  • Main wing of Havard (formerly Burnett School) is about 18,000 sf
  • Third floor currently vacant
  • Rent existing classroom space
  • Offer office space for arts organizations
  • Add workforce center to include job training
  • Collaboration with local industry to create job training that leads to real careers
  • Example: Manchester Bidwell Training Center
5. Gym to movement center that has constant activity
  • Yoga    
  • Dance
  • Boxing
  • Karate
6. Build support spaces
  • Bayview Opera House and Joe Lee gym need support spaces
    • Admin offices
    • Public, accessible toilets for large events
    • Locker rooms with showers

7. Opera House interior upgrades
  • Upgrade Opera House to performance theater – new lighting, sound, seating systems
8. Opera house lobby services

Infill front of plaza area to add lobby, gallery, café, box office to Opera House with access to Third Street
  • Example design style: Flora Grubb
  • Light building footprint
  • Inside/outside merge
9. a) Assist private property owners
Remove blight by assisting private property owners of the Triangle building to upgrade their property

9. b) Build new affordable apartments
Acquire additional property to build new affordable apartments for transitional age youth (TAY) and families

10. New Bayview Town Center
  • New innovative center
  • 1000 people on Third Street every day
  • Shopping, entertainment, education, cultural activities

What you can do

For more information contact Katherine Williams katherine@sfhdc.org 415.822.1022 x 133
Like the “Bayview Town Center” Facebook page

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