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Monday, January 2, 2012

Archimedes Banya ready to make big splash in S.F.

We have a new spa in the heart of India Basin - Archimedes Banya SF, located at 748 Innes Ave.  Sadly, I grew up in the age of Seinfeld, where the word Banya referred to a character by the name of Kenny Banya who had success as a comic despite being completely inept and unfunny.  Judging by the website for the spa, at BanyaSF.com, and like the Banya character, the spa owners certainly seem to think they're funny. I just hope they also have success.

From SFGate,
For Mikhail Brodsky, president and rector of Oakland's Lincoln University, and the owner of the new Archimedes Banya in India Basin, the "Eureka!" moment came when he realized that San Francisco lacked a true Russian bathhouse - and that he could set things right.

Knowledgeable about baths worldwide - from Tokyo's sento to Britain's Roman baths - Brodsky began working on his project 12 years ago. The bathhouse is a three-story blend of feel-good bathing techniques incorporating elements of Greek laconica, Turkish hammam and Russian banya, with an emphasis on banya traditions. It is scheduled to open to the public today.

Read more at SFGate

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