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Monday, December 10, 2012

Is it 2014 already?

Diane Wesley-Smith, the woman who came in tenth in the 2010 District 10 election and garnered 2% of the first place votes, has thrown her hat into the 2014 District 10 election ring nearly two years before a single vote is cast.

From her campaign,
Supervisor Candidate for District 10 Diane Smith is pleased to announce that she has knocked on over 350 doors to find out personally, what her constituency would like to see done better. This was part of “How Can I Help My Community Walk”.

In November, Diane Smith said that she would “Listen to the People and Work for the People”, while knocking on doors in the Bayview and communities in her district #10.

“One of the things I learned in the quest for economic justice and fairness was the value of hard work and tenacity,” Diane Smith said. “I know that most candidates don’t start knocking on doors until later in the year, but I’m starting in November 2012 to introduce myself personally to as many voters as possible.”

Election day is in November 2014. You will learn more about Diane Smith and her campaign very soon. Meanwhile, we suggest you research the internet, Facebook and Linkedin.
Researching the internet as she suggests, we find this piece entitled "Diane Welsey-Smith disrupts the SFYD District 10 Supervisor Candidates Debate":

As I recall
"Nine candidates were selected from those who'd returned a questionnaire to the Young Democrats who hosted. Candidates were selected by committee vote, which didn't sit well with some candidates not invited.... One of the candidates not invited made her presence known by disrupting an otherwise polite debate. Not the way to endear oneself to the crowd, I'm afraid."
With Ms. Wesley-Smith's real estate business' potentially illegal signs affixed to the rundown eyesore that is 4801 Third St, coupled with the head-scratching timing of her entrance into the 2014 election and her oftentimes angry performance in the 2010 campaign, I'm not sure that Supervisor Cohen will find herself too distracted from the City's business by Smith's (or anyone else's) entrance into the campaign until it actually begins in 2014.

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