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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Carrotmob for Old Skool

There is a "Carrotmob" campaign going on this month for Old Skool Cafe, our own local, standout, five-star supper club. Check it out at Carrotmob for more information and to purchase $25 vouchers.

From Carrotmob's campaign website:

Old Skool Café provides jobs and training to youth (with an emphasis on at-risk, urban youth ages 16-22), at their 1940’s styled supper club. Every aspect of Old Skool Café’s program is already designed to provide solid alternatives to a life of crime and poverty by providing jobs and a community of support.

The Action

This program already does a great job of training its staff to be successful in the restaurant industry, and now they want to further expand the opportunities available to its staff by creating a new scholarship program. 15% of every dollar spent during the Carrotmob campaign will be set aside in a new scholarship fund which will offer financial support to staff and former staff who want to take college classes. The scholarship will require students to contribute their own money, and will contribute matching funds, ensuring that the students themselves are committed. For more information, or to contribute more to the scholarship fund, contact Old Skool directly.

Buying Vouchers

You can buy as many vouchers as you like - there are no restrictions. Your vouchers will never expire, so if you think you'll visit Old Skool Café multiple times, might as well stock up! You can spend them on anything that Old Skool sells. You will get a voucher which you can present on your mobile phone's web browser (by visiting http://carrotmob.org/me), or you can print it out and bring it with you. You need to use the entire $25 value in a single visit.

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