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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quesada Gardens Initiative joins with Groupon Grassroots

The Issue: Benefits of Community Gardens

A community garden is more than just a nice spot in the neighborhood. In areas such as Bayview, where residents have been negatively affected by air pollution and a lack of fresh produce, according to a report from Race, Poverty and the Environment, a community garden can improve both the environment and quality of life for residents.

The Campaign: Expanding a Community Garden 

If 35 people donate $10 to this Grassroots campaign, then Quesada Gardens Initiative can install two raised pollination garden beds at its Palou Community Garden, where volunteers are creating a small apiary. Each additional $10 donation will be used to purchase more pollination garden beds and other materials such as a beekeeping starter kit, garden tools, mulch, and a drip irrigation system.

Click HERE to donate!

The Palou Community Garden—located above a train tunnel on Palou Avenue in Bayview—has transformed a former dumping site into a beneficial outdoor community space. With the addition of an apiary, volunteers will continue to improve the garden while creating unique opportunities for residents to learn about the environment and the importance of bees.

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