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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New MUNI #44 O'Shaughnessy Short-turn service

#44 O'Shaughnessy AM Inbound Schedule
Yellow: short-turn buses
Green: Portola start long-route buses
No other bus lines in the area seem to have similar "short-turn" service, but for the busy and often over-crowded #44 O'Shaughnessy bus, hopefully it makes more pleasant the AM rush hour commute for people from Bayview and the Portola to Glen Park BART.

Check out the new inbound #44 bus timetable at 511.org.


AM Inbound: Along with full-route buses, the inbound #44 O'Shaughnessy now has five short-turn buses: two from 3rd @Evans and three from Silver @San Bruno to Glen Park BART.  There are now also two buses that start at Silver @San Bruno and do the remaining full-route.

PM Outbound: Along with full-route buses, the outbound #44 O'Shaughnessy now has two short-turn buses: one from Silver @Mission and the other from Silver @San Bruno to Bayview.

Paul Rose of SFMTA said of the service that they "received operator and customer feedback about crowded buses inbound on the AM 44 to Glen Park. In an effort to reduce the crowding, we scheduled short trips between 7:45am and 8:30am to reduce crowding at peak travel time. The impacts on crowding will be assessed to determine if this is successful. Use of scheduled short turns is a cost effective way to address crowding and demand."

h/t L. Wagner

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